Thursday, 6 June 2013

So Long, Farewell

We've had fun over here at 365 days of Being Silly but now has come the time to move on. 
I don't know, I just feel like I'm at a new chapter of my life and want a change.

I will still be blogging though (and hopefully more frequently)

So if you're still interested in my adventures please follow me here: 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

P.S. I Love Me

I remember a couple of years ago I did a little Valentine's doodle and didn't do another since so about 3 hours ago (as my flat mates headed out) I decided to draw something for today ^^

 I wonder what would happen if they played cupid... @__@

The bigger version is available [HERE] please look (especially full view) for smaller details 
I don't know why but as soon as I decided I wanted to do a Valentine's Day drawing I just knew I wanted to draw Tamaki and Sebastian - maybe they're subconsciously my dream dates for today since I won't be spending today with a special someone (my boyfriend isn't visiting until the weekend) BUT...that doesn't mean I'm spending Valentine's Day alone! I'm heading out for a friend's birthday do and it's just as nice although not in the exact same way of course ^^

Remember, Valentine's Day isn't just for couples.  Why not dedicate today for some self love?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Monday, 4 February 2013

That's Not My Name...

Ever get frustrated when someone can't pronounce your name right?
Yeah, we're in the same boat. I have friends on my course who nearly always hear their name pronounced incorrectly by a tutor and at those times I am glad I was given an English name.

By legal and official terms, my name is not Rachel. It was just the English name given to me since birth for convenience (thank god too!). My only 'official' name is my Chinese name - 黃麗妍 (pinyin: Wong Lai Yin). Funnily enough, no one uses it. Even my Grandad calls me Rachel (with an Engrish accent).
Since no one uses my Chinese name (my REAL name) does it not make it seem pointless? Since Rachel in't actually my name part of me is tempted to omit it and use my Chinese name.
However...that is where the trauma would begin. I've had various people try to say my name with great failure. When pronounced properly it sounds soft and flowing but when people try to say it and the tone is all wrong, to me it sounds brash and vulgar and it really puts me off using it ><
So when remembering talks about Deed Poll, I thought that I would LOVE to change my name to something that CAN be pronounced (at least better anyway) because then I could use my 'real' name and wouldn't get so frustrated (especially when people are convinced that they can say it right if I keep repeating it to them @___@).
Just imagine that moment the vicar pronounces your name wrong when you get married! *cringe and dies* that would totally suck right? 
Well much to my explanation my mother said no so me and my sister came up with the only possible solution: make sure I have a Cantonese speaking vicar when I get married. Fabulous. 

Monday, 28 January 2013

I Wanna Be On Top ~

I was browsing through my DeviantART messages one day and came across a journal post by zemotion - Chinese photographer Zhang Jingna where there was a link to the episode of Asia's Next Top Model where she was the photographer for one of the challenges

And after that I fell in love and started watching it from the beginning. The funny thing is that I used to watch America's Next Top Model with my cousin years ago and I never liked it. I used to get super bored but right now I am hooked! 
Watching this now really makes me wish I was doing photography of some sort and made me realise how much I miss taking nice photos.
(I've not done a shoot of any sorts since my Alice in Wonderland shoot back in A Level)

Photos from my shoot 'Alice, Alice'

Now back to Asia's Next Top Model, everyone always has a favourite wen it comes to shows like this so who do I want to win?
Well I really like Kate and Stephanie - they are both so adorable!


But as annoying and sometimes unlikable as she can be, I LOVE Helena!

I can sense my flatmate throwing things at me ^^'

What can I say? She  just takes such good photographs! She knows what she's doing (most of the time anyway) and has a lot of variety to work with!

And she has such nice eyes!! Photo from her Facebook portfolio.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

January. A New Year, A New You?

Ah it's been so long!
Firstly I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year! I hope you all had a good Christmas too!

I'm sorry to have not posted in so long - I've been so busy with uni (and am sad to say that I feel that all the work I do isn't appreciated at all. ;___;)
I'm not really one for making new years resolutions but this year I do aspire to be more motivated and to be able to do more of the things I enjoy like drawing for myself and sewing. I also bought Twinkie Chan's book before Christmas so I would like to get round to making one of those crochet babies! ^^

So how much I managed to achieve so far? 
Well I was commissioned to make a skirt so I got a bit of practice making a half elasticated skirt. O added interfacing thins time to give the front a better shape.

And in terms of drawing I started a collection of Lolita chibis and finished my sweet lolita

The full size image can be found here >

I've also seen a lot of photos lately of people's lolita wardrobes so maybe mine will be coming up next! (If you're interested of course) 

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Forever Lost?

I'm back at home this weekend and have indulged in watching a bit of TVB (now with fewer adverts!) and today came across this show: 一手造成 - a show exploring the beauty of handcrafted arts.

In an era of rapid technological development, precious traditional crafts have become outdated. In the society we live in there is much thought and calculation put into efficiency and economic value. Patience is easily lost as is the ability to fully appreciate these handicrafts.
In this thirteen week series, traditional crafts in a variety of field will be rediscovered but sadly, most of them are the last of their kind.
Much focus will be put on the idea and heritage of traditional craftsmanship. All the arts were passed down from the teacher's own craft learnt through years of apprenticeship and dedication. But now everything is a matter of economy, efficiency and money-making so very few people are willing to take the time to learn these crafts which I think is a very sad reality.

I tuned into today's episode for the first time knowing from the name of the show that it was going to explore handmade crafts and I am so glad I did, I really found the crafts that I discovered/ rediscovered to be truly amazing.

Elephant Tusk Carving

Mr Leung took a five year apprenticeship to learn the art of hand carving elephant tusks to become the professional he is, his first piece being a carving on an 50 inch tusk. From his mid-20's he's been working in the field creating pieces carved in the style of shan shui paintings. When asked why, he explained that that was what he was taught from his teacher, he's carrying on what he was taught.
Elephant tusk is a hard material to work from requiring much strength to carve even when using electrical equipment developed in the 60's which soon replaced traditional techniques. it needs to be help up to the light often to see how deep the marks made are due to the translucent nature.
Ivory from elephant tusks is highly expensive and was seen to be very precious and signs of wealth but with elephant tusks being harder and harder to get hold of there is a block in the road but he says he will no retire, he will go on to carving wood or wax but is sad to see a beautiful traditional handicraft being lost.

Winter Melon Carving (Dung Kwa Jung)

Mr Tam worked in a restaurant when he wasn't able to enroll where he had wanted and took an interest in the  hand carved decorative winter melons. This became his practice.
The design is drawn onto the melon from a reference image and then carved. Much consideration must be put into the pressure as nothing can be erased once a mark is made. To achieve a beautiful design, Mr Tam points out the importance of contrast. Each of his melons are one of a kind and his designs vary. He says that portraits are the hardest since everyone is unique.
An alternative cannot be used while learning and the results can be altered by the ripeness of the melon. The riper the melon the easier to carve but the result will not be as good and sharp because it;s softer.
Sadly, there is also little appreciation for his craft. He concludes by saying 'no one wants to learn how to do this because you can't make a living.'

(photos from the TV, hopefully I can find it online so I can get better screenshots. If you have TVB I recommend giving it a watch. I seriously just learnt more about these two crafts about my course over 2 months, I PLUG this!)

It saddens me that these beautiful traditional crafts can't withstand the test of time and will be lost because of efficiency, economy and the modern lifestyle. It makes me wish that I could learn a traditional handicraft. People like Mr Leung and Mr Tam say they'd be lucky if people are even interested enough to give their work a second glance and that the practice will soon be lost but hopefully, the legacy lives on like all trends, I hope they come back into 'fashion' and are not lost forever.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Today I finally got round to doing my laundry (I wanted to build up a larger amount first since the machines are HUGE) and when I came back to load it into the dryer I found that some asshole had removed my washing and dumped it on one of the chairs and when I went to collect it from the dryer I found someone opening my dryer almost as if he was going to take my things out but thankfully he was just letting me know it was ready to take out since I went to stand outside because the little room was so packed. 
I actually feel a bit violated that someone had removed my washing though, I wouldn't mind so much if it was just my clothes but my my underwear was in there and it sickens me thinking someone has been through it.
So to whoever emptied the dryer with various pairs of underwear and the top with the mustaches on, don't do it again. I will be seriously pissed, don't make me do my washing twice because I will next time.

On a good note, I went to 88 Noodle Bar and thoroughly enjoyed my won ton noodle soup. For the size of the bowl, it was an absolute bargain at £4.20! Even though it is one of my ultimate food loves and I ALWAYS get seconds when I have this at home I found I could only just make it through 3/4 of the bowl, I felt like I was on Man V Food haha. 88 Noodle Bar, I will be back!

This time, Rachel salutes the victorious food!