Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Day Four - Orange Crush

So I went into York today with the aim of buying gifts and picking out a laptop. A number of laptops were picked out! There was a VERY pink Sony laptop with good graphics and works at 'lightening speed' according to the bloke in Comet. The colour was brilliant once again, it was so pink it *glowed* well nearly...
But no, nothing was bought although a lot of stuff was looked at...

1) Strawberry tumblers

I found this beastie in BHS. Isn't it super cute?
Not quite the same but I think NANA fans
would likey even though they're not made from
glass (they're plastic) but look on the bright side,
at least you don't have to worry about smashing
them eh?

Currently £3 in store or £2.80 on the website
but there is a delivery fee unless you buy like
11 of them xD

2) Blouse

A random blouse I saw in Dorothy Perkins which I
thought could be off-brand loli-able (suitable as a
off-brand lolita piece).
Had to upload for a bit of confirmation since I wasn't

100% sure about this but hey, I'd rather be sure.
Wear under a summery jsk (It has really cute sleeves)
or as part of casual lolita ^^

Okay, showcasing my cutesy finds over! How many of my finds did I actually buy in the end? Pah! None of them. All I bought was a chocolate cream frappacino from Starbucks! Does that make me a savvy shopper (lol) or a shopping failure?

Tuesday 31st May 2011 - Orange Crush

Orange and passion fruit virgin cocktail (non alcoholic, just so you know)

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