Thursday, 30 June 2011

Days Thirty - Thirty Three - U_______U

Ok, I seem to have become epically bad at this blogging thing and I definitely don't have much to say about it haha ^^" Turns out I failed at getting up early though... I've been really tired lately. It makes me sad.
So what am I do now? Waiting for the discount code so I can raid Tuxessories xD haha! The Alice in Wonderland collection will be mine *evil laugh*

Had another nosy at Fujo Fujo, a web comic about a normal girl who moves into a house full of female otaku by Sonia Leong for an update but it seems she's been really busy lately but I'll keep looking out for what happens next!!
I've linked here if you want to read it! [Fujo Fujo]

Anyway... Did I mention I got my Putumayo skirt? Well I got it on Monday! It's lovely!! It's a little shorter than I thought it'd be so hopefully the petticoats won't take it up too much ^^"
I know I said I'd do a photo/ doodle a day but to be quite honest I got bored of taking/ doodling then uploading but I promise I'll do it properly when I move out! (That's when it's real stuff anyway)

Days Twenty Four - Twenty Nine - "My kind of guy"

If you're a guy - post this as "my kind of girl" and/or "my kind of guy"
If you're a girl - post this as "my kind of guy" and/or "my kind of girl"


1. Do you need him/her to be good looking?
Looks will fade one day so personality is more important but I'd have to be attracted to him in some way. Can't really reject a pretty boy too much though can you?
2. Smart?
Intelligence would be nice. I'd like to be able to make some good conversation. He doesn't need to be a super smartass but please not stupid ^^"
3. Preferred age?
Age is just a number eh? I prefer slightly older. A bit or maturity would be nice but not too much older but if I really liked them then I wouldn't be too bothered about age.
4. Preferred height?
Taller than me!! Let's face it, I'm 5'4" so it's not hard. My preferred height is 6'0" though give or take a few inches. I like the height difference.
6. How about piercings?
I'll be honest. I'm not keep on piercings ><
7. Accepts you for who you are?
Yeah! If they're not going to love you for who you are then it's pointless. You shouldn't have to change for someone else!

8. Pink hair?
Only real men can do pink xD
I'm not sure about permanent though, I only know it to work for bishies in manga and anime but hey, feel free to prove me wrong xD
9. Mushy or no?
I can do mushy :3 But not TOO mushy (if you're mushier than me then that's not a good sign)
10. Thin or fat?
Ok, I'm not into either of the extremes but I do have a preference of tall and lanky
11. Black, Brown or White (skin color)?
If I love them then skin colour isn't an issue.
12. Long hair or short ?
Hair right? I likey mid - long. Not long, long though. Only manga and anime bishies can pull off long, long hair xD and not too short since I'm not really going to be able to run my finger through it and all that jazz (I want to be able to play with his hair ok?)
13. Plastic or metal?
I have no idea what this means... next!
15. Smoker?
Hell no!
16. Drinker?
A bit is ok but if he's constantly drinking and getting drunk I WILL kick his ass!
17. Girl/Boy-next-door type?
Erm... I don't know. 'Emo child' type? :P
18. Muscular?
Some muscle is ok but not too much because I don't want to experience being crushed by a hug I'm afraid. I'm only ickle! D:
19. Plays piano?
I do love the piano ^^ That'd be quite romantic but not a necessity. It'd make a nice bonus
20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
Go for it. I do like the guitar.
21. Plays violin?
Piano is preferred.
22. Sings very good?
Being able to sing isn't essential. I'm not bothered about whether or not he can sing.
23. Vain?
Err... not really. He should know how to look after himself and all that but I'll be having words if he's a total mirror hogging whore xD
24. With glasses?
Glasses can be pretty attractive but not necessary. I do like the intelligent look haha
25. With braces?
I'm not too bothered but I shall lean towards no.
26. Shy type?
Awww, that'd be cute but not too shy or constantly shy because that could be awkward. I don't want to constantly be the seme type lol
27. Rebel or good boy/girl?
Well the good boy type is cuter but there is something attractive about the rebel type...
28. Active or passive?
Hmmm... a good balance is good.
29. Tight or bomb?
30. Singer or dancer?
I prefer singer. I'm not the dancing type ^^"
31. Stunner?
Stunning isn't essential but I want to find him attractive
32. Hiphop?
Not really my thing.
33. Earrings?
Piercings isn't really my thing
34. Mr/Ms. Count-my-ex-girlfriends-until-you-drop?
Err... well I guess it's ok to have a list of exes but if the list gets TOO long long then I'd wonder if they're a bit of a player
35. Dimples?
Could be cute
36. Bookworm?
I like to read too so sure. Why not eh?
37. Mr/Ms. love letter?
Can't say anyone's ever written me a love letter. Who know. It could go down well
38. Playful?
It's be fun. Being too serious isn't great
39. Flirt?
Not overly flirty...
40. Poem writer?
Could go down well but only if it was good lol
41. Serious?
Not all the time though. I want a guy with a playful side too
42. Campus crush?
Don't have one of those at the moment. In fact, I've not had one of those in a LONG while
43. Painter?
Creativity would be interesting but thee don't have to be like the modern day whoever or anything
44. Religious?
I'm not religious. I don't mind if they are. I respect their beliefs but I wouldn't be too happy if they tried to change mine.
45. Someone who likes to tease people?
It's ok in a friendly way.
46. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
Gaming geek? If all fails you can always join in ;D
47. Speaks 20 languages?
That's crazy! @_____@ I speak two languages (English and Cantonese) but I guess it doesn't matter how many languages he speaks.
48. Loyal or faithful?
Same thing...? No?
49. Good kisser?
Practice makes perfect no? O///////O Would be nice though
50. Loves children?
Ok, not thought that far yet. Ask me again in like 10 years time ok? Actually, I can tell you now. I guess it'd be quite cute and show he has a caring side but if he was like 'Ooo! That small child is so cute! I want one!' I'd be like ok.... stop right there

Okay then... lets stop right there and conclude. Please note that this isn't the guide to my type for certain lol x'D

Lets move on to the latest works... a collection of character designs for a manga I'm starting work on.

Monday 20th June 2011

The Captain of the crew - an independent and strong character who is actually quite vulnerable on the inside

Tuesday 21st June 2011

She's a sweet and optimistic girl with a fortune telling turtle
The turtle will have a variety of face xD

Wednesday 22nd June 2011

Yay for a little bit of flesh flashing goodness haha ;D
A smexy fox girl xD
She looks quite cat like though... I'll probably work on the ears still, they're quite kitty-like

 Thursday 23rd June 2011

The captain's companion
A mentally and physically strong character.
Quite the cool silent type with exceptions.
Friday 24th June 2011

A spoilt rich girl who accuses the bandit of stealing one of her precious possessions while she was in the bath kicking off the story 


Saturday 25th June 2011 - SSS

Summer Secret Santa!!


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Days Twenty Two and Twenty Three - Nemacon

Finally got round to posting about this year's Nemacon!! T'was an awesome weekend!! Thank to everyone who made it so fabulous!
Soo... What went on on Saturday... various artsy and cultural workshops, loli workshops, loli fashion show and of course cosplay masquerade ^^
So I went to Sonia Leong's manga workshop and picked up a good templatey structure to use for drawing faces and picked up some good tips on drawing facial features and hair so thank you very much Sonia, my drawing life is SO much easier now and you've left me all inspired and creative ^^
I did a good dose of buying stuff too (oh don't I always xD) I bought a top from Tokyo Royale (awkward moment where I had to ask to try it on though since I had to check it's look ok with my squish middle) and then Talking to Strangers, a Sweatdrop anthology ^^ and a very cute kitty muffin badge! Very, very good buys.
I also did a speed drawing thingy where we drew Nema-chan (brought to life by Alice Lovell). Don't EVER ask me to draw with my left hand, it wasn't made for drawing D:
There were some brilliant cosplays which I shall share but the thing I must share the most is this...
'Cho Chang, domo arigato! Cho Chang, OK! Cho Chang, happy happy new year... Bitch I ain't Cho Chang!" - from the Very Potter musical (Thank you Michael - I had that in my head for AGES!!!)

Anyways, here's a small, small handful of cosplays over the two days, the rest are scattered on facebook




Panty and Stocking

Lord Death

Sunday was also a brilliant day! With less rain too!!(Did I mention it rained yesterday? Well it did. LOTS!)
I did another workshop today and can now work out proportions and page layouts. I feel enlightened haha! Finally picked out which limp balm to buy from Destiny Blue after doing a LOT of sniffing (I sniffed a lot of lip balm and candles and new books! Mmmmmm ) That Mocca candle was lovely! If the Foden was there poor Destiny Blue would never get it back xD
More stuff buying once again. Totoro pin badge (so cute), Nema-chan pin badges, a Vampire Free Style pin badge, Sonia's very cute and very prettiful loli fairy print, a pretty, pretty decon bracelet and free bow (Thank you Sam!!) and two VERY, VERY cute plushie key ring thingys ^^ A little lemon and blushing Panda (it has my face when a get certain messages =^^= )

Some BRILLIANT skits this year! The Link vs Dark Link skit was so cute!! I love how Dark Link carried Link off after his victory *heart*
Sebastian putting on the kitty ears and being all 'nya' was brilliantly cute ^^
Homg! Gary and Ash skit!! Well done Meli and Calum! That was the best thing I've EVER seen! I laughed a LOT! You guys were brilliant!
I had no idea Natasha Tyler (Missy Tetra) sang! You have such a lovely voice! the woman does EVERYTHING!!
And last but not least... the Guy-sensei and Kakashi skit! Thrust Kakashi! Thrust! Lol, SO much bum wiggling it's unreal! Nice work guys!

Then it was all topped off with a brilliant trip home. The pigeon plopping on the platform was awful >< It just walked past me and plopped O_________O then walked off! tch!
A brilliant train ride back with Sonia (with her bottle of wine) and Tasha! Thanks for making it such a fun trip! It was lovely seeing you!!

p.s. I'd like a gold glue stick!!


Saturday 18th June 2011 - Nemacon #1

SO much plushie goodness! This stall was SO cute!!!

Sunday 19th June 2011 - Nemacon #2

This year's buys! Money well spent ;D

(Also back tracking, imagine I wrote these just afterwards ok?) 

Day Twenty One - Ohoho!

Okay! Rachel's a big girl now (not height wise though, lets face it, that will NEVER happen)
Went out for the first time tonight (yay! 18)
Did some drinking an cake eating and all that jazz xD
Thanks for making me cake and buying me drinks guys! Love you all lots!!!
Would love to have stayed out for longer but gotta get up early the next morning to go to Nemacon!

Super shiny card and super cute presents ^^ Thank you Lizzy!

Here's my car cake! Thanks guys!!

T'was huge! My mouth wasn't big enough haha xD

In Aspire - that green drink was very nice

Friday 17th June 2011 - Ohoho!

Smex on the Beach ;D

(Please not this is a back tracking post - imagine I did post this on the day ok? ^^")

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day Twenty - A Bit of Spice in Life

Woah we're onto day twenty?!
Ok, I went into Leeds today thinking 'oo, may as well get my hair cut since I'm here' but typically yet not completely unexpectedly they were closed. Apparently they're always shut on a Thursday U______U" so no hair cut for Rachel ^^"
Very little shopping was done also (fail) I only bought socks xD
They're very nice socks though! Mainly knee high with ribbons (surprised? probably not. Loli-able maybe?) That queue in Primark was RIDICULOUS though ><
I bought another random postcard from Paperchase too ^^ I likey pretty postcards and this is no exception and features teacups and cherry blossom as well as a plain scrapbook thingy. I've always wanted to do some scrapbooking :3 now I just need to find somewhere to print ickler photographs. 4 x 6 is too big for it, I want to be able to write stuff and do doodles too. 

A fair bit of eating was done though! Mainly a collection of dim sum with some spicy ho fan with fishballs =^^= and A LOT to take back with us!

Then for a last bit of mango buying ^^ One of the best parts of summer is having those really sweet mangoes *heart*

Auntie to random woman: Do you have any of those spikey things?
(She meant a durian. The market woman knew what she meant)

Bloke to auntie: he likes green because your jacket is green
(Poppa was getting carried away with picking greener mangoes bcause they'll last longer)

Thursday 16th June 2011 - A Bit of Spice in Life

Here's our colourful main dish! Fishballs are very yummy ^^

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day Nineteen - Eighteen

Funnily enough today's photo is called Eighteen because I'm now eighteen xD (only older, no taller) and no alcohol, just ice-cream ;D
Thought I'd share my cute little collection of stuffs x3
I've sneezed SO much today, I need some hayfever tablets that actually work ><
Anyways... gonna be doing a lot of eating ^^ (ice-cream has already been eaten - same as Monday since I couldn't decide which flavour) and there's a duck roasting in the kitchen and there WILL be cake!!
Tonight's film's gonna be The Twins Effect (a.k.a. The Vampire Effect) if you wondered. No more Sandra tonight sadly D: I don't think we even have anymore of her films...
Ok, no more talk. I've going to throw a photo at you instead. Thanks to everyone who's wished me a happy birthday!! Love love x

Wednesday 15th June 2011 - Eighteen

OK, lemme see... we have squishy silicone cupcake cases, face stuff, jewellery (heart and key necklaces), money, Sailor Moon *heart* , grow your own cactus in an egg and a panda ^^

Day Eighteen - Dining Room Fashion Show

OK, I've been silly. I didn't post yesterday's post ^^"
But look on the bright side, now we can speak of last night's giggles. Somehow we made a habit of watching a film every night (We've had two Sandra Ng comedies in a row so far) and I cried so much! This one was so funny xD
So last night's film was All's Well, Ends Well  (家有喜事)

This is one beautiful piece of comedy from Sandra's terrible karaoke singing to Leslie Chueng's camp antics to Stephen Chow's 'Double Eiffel Tower' kissing technique to Maggie Cheung's obsession with Hollywood classics :'D 

Tuesday 14th June 2011 - Dining Room Fashion Show

Just because I took them in the dining room ^^

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Days Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen AND Seventeen - I'm Alive!!

Eeeeee! OK, my right hand/ wrist hurts but that's ok because all my exams are done and dusted :D (It actually stopped hurting a number of hours ago) I ice-creamed. It made me happy. I had a praline and pecan and chocolate double scoop in a waffle cone. It made me VERY happy and this my friends is why I am chubby xD

I'm alive though but only just after several days of tedious and kill-self worthy hardcore revision. My shoulders and neck are stiff from being sat in the same position day after day for so long but it's ok since I know I'll never have to revise for another exam ever again!! Looks who's a happy kitty =^^=
I still photoed for the past three days though, I just didn't have chance to upload anything.

I also wrote my mini list of things to do this month including a couple of drawings for various Yu-Gi-Oh related DeviantART groups and a photo entry for Dolldelight's new contest. Not too optimistic about actually winning once again but hey, it's a bit of fun and I likey fashion photography ^^

Finally got round to doing some photography today ^^ It's not particularly exciting or anything (no fancy locations or clothes etc) but it was still a bit of fun!

Random photos xD

Anyway... lets see what we've been photographing lately...

Friday 10th June 2011 - Reflecting Light

Eeee! The light's in my tea xD

Saturday 11th June 2011 - Apple, Apple, Apple

Sunday 12th June 2011 - Ooo, Light!

Indeed it is a light!!

Monday 13th June 2011 - Splash of Colour

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day Thirteen - How Long Do You Need?

Got up bright an early this morning. I went into college for a little bit with only 5 hours of sleep. Yay for late night texting! Awesome late night texting though ^^ it was worth the few hours of sleep hehe! Love love *heart*
Random moment today where I wanted an apple... I felt like I was Ryuk from Death Note when i was disappointed with the dying apple I'd cut. Grandad threw a new one at me but it was HUGE and very, very red xD (ok, he didn't really throw it at me. He obviously knows I'm the on granddaughter who can't catch) Had it been the right shape I'd have done a Twilight-esque photo hehe ^^"
Oooo! My post arrived! My pretty little pocket watch necklace is finally here! So happy with my pretty little buy from 'Life Little' A ^^
Positive feedback all around! In fact, it made today's photo...

Thursday 9th June 2011 - How Long Do You Need?

How long should you wait to make space for someone else in your heart?
(My heart is fine by the way, just so you know hehe)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day Twelve - Fake

Wow! I think it's fair to say that a good amount of revision has been done today! I'm actually unable to revise at the moment, my revision book is full xD yay!! So only half of Religious Experience to revise and then I can move on to ethics! Yay! (Ok... I've decided I'm not revising The Nature of God since it's the last thing we did so hopefully I remember it well enough ^^") 4 days to get the rest of RS revised? Yeah, I can do it. See mum, told you I'd do the work after I've finished complaining about it, raging and emo-ing! See! Your daughter isn't all talk! I hope you're proud ^____~

Anyway... Now for random things:
Random thing #1: There was a Raymond Lam music video on TVB today and I was like O__________O 'Homg! Why have I not seen this MV?!' but I couldn't work out which album it's from. I thought it was either his debut album or Your Love... I listened to all three albums while revising and it turns it's from the Lets get Wet album ¬¬
Random thing #2: There is now a winner for the first contest held by the YuGiOhTAS-Fan-Club on DeviantART! Congratulations to SKOpseudonym @ DeviantART! I loved that entry! Worship my haircut indeed!! In fact, here it is in it's fabulous glory!
What would happen if Lady Gaga met a YGOTAS character...? THIS!

So I've been feeling creative since yesterday and now I've decided to make the most of my temporal free time and do a 'doodle' (Can you still call it a doodle if it's 'doodled' with mainly make-up with a bit of acrylic?)

Wednesday 8th June 2011 - Fake

So what if you made yourself beautiful by covering yourself in cosmetics? In the end that's not the real you

Day Eleven - Shabu Shabu

Ok, so I had to save yesterday for this morning (I was tired ok?) I went to see CCAD's end of year exhibition and now I feel all creative ^^
I just want to whip out the good old acrylics, stick a canvas or some A2 card to my wall and paint my little heart out! (Did I ever mention I can't paint and avoid it at all costs?)
There was SO much stuff I fell in love with but I didn't want to whip the camera out since I wasn't sure if it was ok to photograph things but here's some images I found (I promise I actually did find these.) the photos I found last night are no longer available for some bizarre reason but there was a fantastic piece in fashion and textiles. It was a dress covers in cigarette burns and alcohol stains etc. The idea was that life is short as it is yet some people chose to shorten it even more. I thought it was a brilliant idea and very well done!

As for the high street loli photo-ing? Not so much was done really. I didn't want to get too over excited and take everything in haha xD
But still, lets see what we found...

Blouse: Elasticated neckline with buttons all the way down. I'm not sure how loli-able it is but I thought it was quite cute and doll like so maybe it's ok for casual lolita? Or perhaps even mori-kei?

Skirt: The skirt was in the sale for £5 O_____O (I know right?!) It's slightly high waisted and is a lovely bell shape.There's a short layer of netting built in around the top so you won't need a petticoat for poof although I'm sure there is space to fit one in if you so wish.It's a very suitable length but it might not be as do-able for a taller girl (I'm 5'4")


It's quite a cute dress ^^
I didn't get round to trying this on so I just snagged a photo
from the website xD
It'd probably look nice with a blouse under it and would make

a nice piece of shiro loli if you add a few extra touches (perhaps
a few ribbons and a bit of lace in places?) but I'm not sure about
the length and whether or not you can put a petticoat under it...
If someone does try it let me know ok?

This is H&M also. Not one for lolita but I thought it could be suitable for
mori-kei  (森ガール) which is an on-line rising fashion trend. It’s general essence
is how a girl living in the forest would look. So plenty of neutral colours and the 
like. The general clothing is loose fitting which describes this dress very well.
It's a very soft beige maxi. Very floaty, very 'swishy' but is it mori-kei able?

But... the best part of the day was the big family hot pot in the evening! I do love love my wontons and fish balls!

Tuesday 7th June 2011 - Shabu Shabu

Does it make you hungry? ;D

Monday, 6 June 2011

Day Ten - The End Awaits

Woah, so much rage this morning it's unreal! For some reason EVERYTHING frustrated me and EVERYTHING pissed me off... not cool >< I hated life and wanted the world to end >A<
I was ok by late afternoon I guess but lets just say today's not a fantastic day but hopefully today will be better and much more fun and hopefully I won't get brayed for doing a bit of 'high street loli' photo-ing for tomorrows blog ^^"

Monday 6th June 2011 - The End Awaits

Everything must come to an end one day...

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Day Nine - Piece of Cake

Ah... didn't really plan on falling asleep straight away after going back upstairs...
Well, well, well... the plan for today is to have David Hume and Maurice Wiles revised today, wish me luck! *fingers crossed*
Trying to actually do some work is harder said than done ¬¬
My sister was in the kitchen making a cake *heart* and my special '3 8 auntie' starts prancing around singing like a mad woman (not that she isn't) ;D
Ok, although it was highly amusing it became quite irritating after a while...

[In the kitchen]
Natalie: Can you be quiet now?
Special auntie: Oh no I can't Natalie! You turn me on!
(Does she even know what that means??)

There's an interesting programme on TVB right now about why some people believe in God. It contains some interesting conversations and gives an interesting insight. This counts as RS revision right? ;D

Sunday 5th June 2011 - Piece of Cake

Apparently she can cook under mass distraction xD

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Day Eight - Intricate

Ok, not a lot to say for today but I got my summer secret Santa person for the Yu-Gi-Oh Villains group on DeviantART! I'm very excited about what I get to draw!!! Thiefshipping *heart*
Just done a LOT of eating... There was a lot of boiled rice and peking chicken breast being eaten but no I couldn't finish off the peking ribs. In the words of 花家姐, 'I can't deal with it'

Saturday 4th June 2011 - Intricate 

I wanna see your peacock cock cock.. no, I don't really. That's naughty!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Day Seven - Lit Up

Homg! Death by hayfever O____________O *dies*
Yeah... I'm tired now. That's me done.

Thursday 3rd June 2011 - Lit Up

Uber flash on some grapes in a nutshell

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day Six - A Random Collection

Ok, so today was another one of those days...
I realised that I actually stopped caring about the RS exam since I don't need anything to get into art college and then I realised that I do actually need it eventually so I better get a move on with revision U____U
So what was actually done today? I have little idea. I started writing Lies - Chapter Twelve (one for the thief shippers) and ooo... I finished revising Life After Death (FINALLY)

Thursday 2nd June 2011 - A Random Collection

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Day Five - Bubbly Bubbly

Skanky day ><
Dragged out of the house to go see the dentist and then the woman at the bank finds that I counted my 5p's wrong... how awkward for me...

RS revision done - VERY little as of late.
I thought I was doing quite well (nearly halfway through philosophy) and then I remembered that the RS exam consists of philosophy AND ethics D:

Anyway, I also found that I really like cashew nuts. (Yay for random pieces of info!)

Wednesday 1st June 2011 - Bubbly Bubbly

No tea for me today, I fancied lemonade for a change. I do likey that glass...