Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day Thirteen - How Long Do You Need?

Got up bright an early this morning. I went into college for a little bit with only 5 hours of sleep. Yay for late night texting! Awesome late night texting though ^^ it was worth the few hours of sleep hehe! Love love *heart*
Random moment today where I wanted an apple... I felt like I was Ryuk from Death Note when i was disappointed with the dying apple I'd cut. Grandad threw a new one at me but it was HUGE and very, very red xD (ok, he didn't really throw it at me. He obviously knows I'm the on granddaughter who can't catch) Had it been the right shape I'd have done a Twilight-esque photo hehe ^^"
Oooo! My post arrived! My pretty little pocket watch necklace is finally here! So happy with my pretty little buy from 'Life Little' A ^^
Positive feedback all around! In fact, it made today's photo...

Thursday 9th June 2011 - How Long Do You Need?

How long should you wait to make space for someone else in your heart?
(My heart is fine by the way, just so you know hehe)

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