Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day Twelve - Fake

Wow! I think it's fair to say that a good amount of revision has been done today! I'm actually unable to revise at the moment, my revision book is full xD yay!! So only half of Religious Experience to revise and then I can move on to ethics! Yay! (Ok... I've decided I'm not revising The Nature of God since it's the last thing we did so hopefully I remember it well enough ^^") 4 days to get the rest of RS revised? Yeah, I can do it. See mum, told you I'd do the work after I've finished complaining about it, raging and emo-ing! See! Your daughter isn't all talk! I hope you're proud ^____~

Anyway... Now for random things:
Random thing #1: There was a Raymond Lam music video on TVB today and I was like O__________O 'Homg! Why have I not seen this MV?!' but I couldn't work out which album it's from. I thought it was either his debut album or Your Love... I listened to all three albums while revising and it turns it's from the Lets get Wet album ¬¬
Random thing #2: There is now a winner for the first contest held by the YuGiOhTAS-Fan-Club on DeviantART! Congratulations to SKOpseudonym @ DeviantART! I loved that entry! Worship my haircut indeed!! In fact, here it is in it's fabulous glory!
What would happen if Lady Gaga met a YGOTAS character...? THIS!

So I've been feeling creative since yesterday and now I've decided to make the most of my temporal free time and do a 'doodle' (Can you still call it a doodle if it's 'doodled' with mainly make-up with a bit of acrylic?)

Wednesday 8th June 2011 - Fake

So what if you made yourself beautiful by covering yourself in cosmetics? In the end that's not the real you

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