Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day Twenty - A Bit of Spice in Life

Woah we're onto day twenty?!
Ok, I went into Leeds today thinking 'oo, may as well get my hair cut since I'm here' but typically yet not completely unexpectedly they were closed. Apparently they're always shut on a Thursday U______U" so no hair cut for Rachel ^^"
Very little shopping was done also (fail) I only bought socks xD
They're very nice socks though! Mainly knee high with ribbons (surprised? probably not. Loli-able maybe?) That queue in Primark was RIDICULOUS though ><
I bought another random postcard from Paperchase too ^^ I likey pretty postcards and this is no exception and features teacups and cherry blossom as well as a plain scrapbook thingy. I've always wanted to do some scrapbooking :3 now I just need to find somewhere to print ickler photographs. 4 x 6 is too big for it, I want to be able to write stuff and do doodles too. 

A fair bit of eating was done though! Mainly a collection of dim sum with some spicy ho fan with fishballs =^^= and A LOT to take back with us!

Then for a last bit of mango buying ^^ One of the best parts of summer is having those really sweet mangoes *heart*

Auntie to random woman: Do you have any of those spikey things?
(She meant a durian. The market woman knew what she meant)

Bloke to auntie: he likes green because your jacket is green
(Poppa was getting carried away with picking greener mangoes bcause they'll last longer)

Thursday 16th June 2011 - A Bit of Spice in Life

Here's our colourful main dish! Fishballs are very yummy ^^

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