Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Days Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen AND Seventeen - I'm Alive!!

Eeeeee! OK, my right hand/ wrist hurts but that's ok because all my exams are done and dusted :D (It actually stopped hurting a number of hours ago) I ice-creamed. It made me happy. I had a praline and pecan and chocolate double scoop in a waffle cone. It made me VERY happy and this my friends is why I am chubby xD

I'm alive though but only just after several days of tedious and kill-self worthy hardcore revision. My shoulders and neck are stiff from being sat in the same position day after day for so long but it's ok since I know I'll never have to revise for another exam ever again!! Looks who's a happy kitty =^^=
I still photoed for the past three days though, I just didn't have chance to upload anything.

I also wrote my mini list of things to do this month including a couple of drawings for various Yu-Gi-Oh related DeviantART groups and a photo entry for Dolldelight's new contest. Not too optimistic about actually winning once again but hey, it's a bit of fun and I likey fashion photography ^^

Finally got round to doing some photography today ^^ It's not particularly exciting or anything (no fancy locations or clothes etc) but it was still a bit of fun!

Random photos xD

Anyway... lets see what we've been photographing lately...

Friday 10th June 2011 - Reflecting Light

Eeee! The light's in my tea xD

Saturday 11th June 2011 - Apple, Apple, Apple

Sunday 12th June 2011 - Ooo, Light!

Indeed it is a light!!

Monday 13th June 2011 - Splash of Colour

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