Thursday, 30 June 2011

Days Thirty - Thirty Three - U_______U

Ok, I seem to have become epically bad at this blogging thing and I definitely don't have much to say about it haha ^^" Turns out I failed at getting up early though... I've been really tired lately. It makes me sad.
So what am I do now? Waiting for the discount code so I can raid Tuxessories xD haha! The Alice in Wonderland collection will be mine *evil laugh*

Had another nosy at Fujo Fujo, a web comic about a normal girl who moves into a house full of female otaku by Sonia Leong for an update but it seems she's been really busy lately but I'll keep looking out for what happens next!!
I've linked here if you want to read it! [Fujo Fujo]

Anyway... Did I mention I got my Putumayo skirt? Well I got it on Monday! It's lovely!! It's a little shorter than I thought it'd be so hopefully the petticoats won't take it up too much ^^"
I know I said I'd do a photo/ doodle a day but to be quite honest I got bored of taking/ doodling then uploading but I promise I'll do it properly when I move out! (That's when it's real stuff anyway)

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