Thursday, 23 June 2011

Days Twenty Two and Twenty Three - Nemacon

Finally got round to posting about this year's Nemacon!! T'was an awesome weekend!! Thank to everyone who made it so fabulous!
Soo... What went on on Saturday... various artsy and cultural workshops, loli workshops, loli fashion show and of course cosplay masquerade ^^
So I went to Sonia Leong's manga workshop and picked up a good templatey structure to use for drawing faces and picked up some good tips on drawing facial features and hair so thank you very much Sonia, my drawing life is SO much easier now and you've left me all inspired and creative ^^
I did a good dose of buying stuff too (oh don't I always xD) I bought a top from Tokyo Royale (awkward moment where I had to ask to try it on though since I had to check it's look ok with my squish middle) and then Talking to Strangers, a Sweatdrop anthology ^^ and a very cute kitty muffin badge! Very, very good buys.
I also did a speed drawing thingy where we drew Nema-chan (brought to life by Alice Lovell). Don't EVER ask me to draw with my left hand, it wasn't made for drawing D:
There were some brilliant cosplays which I shall share but the thing I must share the most is this...
'Cho Chang, domo arigato! Cho Chang, OK! Cho Chang, happy happy new year... Bitch I ain't Cho Chang!" - from the Very Potter musical (Thank you Michael - I had that in my head for AGES!!!)

Anyways, here's a small, small handful of cosplays over the two days, the rest are scattered on facebook




Panty and Stocking

Lord Death

Sunday was also a brilliant day! With less rain too!!(Did I mention it rained yesterday? Well it did. LOTS!)
I did another workshop today and can now work out proportions and page layouts. I feel enlightened haha! Finally picked out which limp balm to buy from Destiny Blue after doing a LOT of sniffing (I sniffed a lot of lip balm and candles and new books! Mmmmmm ) That Mocca candle was lovely! If the Foden was there poor Destiny Blue would never get it back xD
More stuff buying once again. Totoro pin badge (so cute), Nema-chan pin badges, a Vampire Free Style pin badge, Sonia's very cute and very prettiful loli fairy print, a pretty, pretty decon bracelet and free bow (Thank you Sam!!) and two VERY, VERY cute plushie key ring thingys ^^ A little lemon and blushing Panda (it has my face when a get certain messages =^^= )

Some BRILLIANT skits this year! The Link vs Dark Link skit was so cute!! I love how Dark Link carried Link off after his victory *heart*
Sebastian putting on the kitty ears and being all 'nya' was brilliantly cute ^^
Homg! Gary and Ash skit!! Well done Meli and Calum! That was the best thing I've EVER seen! I laughed a LOT! You guys were brilliant!
I had no idea Natasha Tyler (Missy Tetra) sang! You have such a lovely voice! the woman does EVERYTHING!!
And last but not least... the Guy-sensei and Kakashi skit! Thrust Kakashi! Thrust! Lol, SO much bum wiggling it's unreal! Nice work guys!

Then it was all topped off with a brilliant trip home. The pigeon plopping on the platform was awful >< It just walked past me and plopped O_________O then walked off! tch!
A brilliant train ride back with Sonia (with her bottle of wine) and Tasha! Thanks for making it such a fun trip! It was lovely seeing you!!

p.s. I'd like a gold glue stick!!


Saturday 18th June 2011 - Nemacon #1

SO much plushie goodness! This stall was SO cute!!!

Sunday 19th June 2011 - Nemacon #2

This year's buys! Money well spent ;D

(Also back tracking, imagine I wrote these just afterwards ok?) 

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