Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ray Ray Plugs... Happy Router!!

Time for a bit of plugging! Yay!
Ok, today marks the birth of the blog hosting my web comic 
So I wanted to do a short web comic as a bit of fun so here it! From my favourite predictive text typo comes my documentation of Harry's traumas.
I've only introduced the comic today and the first 3 panels aren't ready yet but there's a bit of info on how it came to be and get a good look at the characters ^^
More characters will be added as we go along!
Enjoy Harry's traumas! (Not too much though, that's pretty cruel)

Day Sixty Five - This is 'Professional' Darling!

Back in Harrogate for a few days! Yay! So once again, got the bus from Ripon and apparently Natalie and Olivia had to get adult fares because they didn't have bus passes O_________O (That's £13.50 spent on getting the bus FYI)
So I've done a load of photoshopping so far, just preparing some things for a 'professional' portfolio. (When I say professional I mean no fan fiction, no yaoi and no dodgy references from fandoms. Just clean cut, cute designs ^^)
Apparently I'm having king prawn foo yung and some ribs tonight. Just made me some green tea. I didn't used to like green tea because it was so bitter but it turns out you're only meant to brew it for about 2 minutes. Explains it. This is what happens when you don't read the brewing instructions. (silly) 
My current cup of green tea is very nice by the way ^^

Sunday 31st July 2011 - This is 'Professional' Darling!

Green Tea isn't really green apparently

Days Sixty Three and Sixty Four - Homg!!!

OK, as half of the world knows my beautiful luminous pink laptop arrived on Friday (squeeeeee!) 
Can't let that slip and forget to tell the world AGAIN  can I? xD It's so cute I could talk about it all day haha but it's ok, I'm not going to.

 Friday 29th July 2011 - SO Pink!!

Caption says it all no?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was this weekend (Goblet of Fire next Saturday, just so you know) so I thought I'd take this moment to let you know *Happy Router is getting his own little manga made up of a collection of 3 panel comics! Yay! Sad to say he's not overly pleased himself but hey, can't please everyone ;D

[* Happy Router - my typo of Harry Potter due to predictive text. I keep forgetting to check it so I always end up texting Happy Router instead ^^" ]

 Saturday 30th July 2011 - Happy Router

First 3 panels of the comic1 Of the traumas of being Harry

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Days Sixty, Sixty One and Sixty Two - RAGE

I'm taking this moment to to breathe and say I raged a lot a few hours ago for the first time in ages since I have absolutely no idea what's been going on for the past few days ^^"

Why does everyone expect me to do EVERYTHING?! Seriously, I can't even do it in my own time or a little later! It has to be done right now! No one cares if I'm already doing something or even in the middle of something. I'm sure the laundry won't mind being out a little longer ¬¬
** End of Rage**

Totally not been sleeping well lately (don't blame the texting, I've not texted who you think because he's already asleep by the time I get into bed plus I usually sleep better when I do although later ^^") so I'm probably a little more grouchy >.< and how dare some people insult my good name!! Tch, and all I did was sit around eyeing up some good loli buys. I still need a blouse though. Preferably white or off-white.Let me know if you see any good deals?
Ok, I'm done.

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Day Fifty Nine - Tentacles

Time for a food post!! SO I went to York on Monday and did some eating at Maxi's. My Poppa was stupid and decided to ask Natalie which way to turn at the roundabout (seriously, how on Earth would she know?!) But anyway... I haven't really been doing that much eating lately so this is my only order really. This boys and girls is crispy fried squid tentacles with sweet and sour sauce.

Monday 25th July 2011 - Tentacles

NOT a hentai reference fyi

Ray Ray Plugs... The Ghost Writer

A quick plugging of TVB's The Ghost Writer I feel is necessary ^^" It's been a while since TVB produced a fantasy drama (if this is familiar it's because I already plugged this on Ray Ray's Bubble when I watched it online) So I'm actually seeing episode two for the second time and Fala Chen is just SO cute as Ling Wu Siu Tsui (令狐小翠)
an inexperienced fox spirit. The way she repeats things she's heard from the court and mixes up her vocabulary is adorable! She usually plays spoilt characters (A Journey Called Life, Steps, etc) or seductive characters so it's really nice to see her play such an innocent, childish character ^^ epscially the way she nags her Grandfather, it's so intimate and close.
My only complaint are the ears and tail!! They are SO fake! I've seen cosplayers with way more realistic ears. C'mon TVB, it might not be a grand drama or anything but a bit more effort in teh costume department wouldn't hurt.

Hosted by

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Days Fifty Seven and Fifty Eight - :D

Nothing to say really but have some photos! yay!

Saturday 23rd July 2011

Sunday 24th July 2011

Day Fifty Six - East vs West


Homg... two of the other channels work! We now have the news channel and the premium drama channel! Yay! I've been having a nosy at a really old vampire comedy drama about three toaists who capture ghosts and spirits.
I was once reading Vampire Knight and expressed how much I love love vampires and how pretty I think they are and my mother was like 'ugh...' she thought I was being stupid so now lets compare the Eastern vampire to the well know Western vampire... 

The Western Vampire
From wikipedia: Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person.
Purpley white or dark in colour

The Eastern Vampire (from Chinese folklore)
From wikipedia: Jiang Shi "Chinese vampires" by Westerners, are reanimated corpses that hop around, killing living creatures to absorb life essence from their victims.
Greenish - mould perhaps?

Vampire Knight
Friday 22nd July 2011 - East vs West

Apparently not all vampires are this prettiful. Isn't Yuki a lucky girl?!
Vampire Knight (c) Matsuri Hino

Day Fifty Five - Otomen

Getting the train home today! I can't believe that I went to Harrogate with one bag and left with three! Infact, I had to leave one behind because I couldn't carry it ^^"
Did a bit of buying Internacionale (photos later once again) and then we did a quick trip to the library and omg! Harrogate library has YAOI! Usually it's the artwork on the cover that catches my eye and makes me pick up a book but I was like 'oh my... is that two men?' I just didn't expect yaoi in a library ^^" but the artwork wasn't that pretty so I didn't take it along on my travels but I did take volume 4 and 5 of Otomen and fell in love with Asuka, Ryo and Juta all over again ^^ then I stopped off and had some lemon drizzle cake at York station.

Thursday 21st July 2011 - Otomen

A doodle I did a little while back of an otomen - a guy who is girly at heart with girly passions.
Despite being a cool looking high school heart throb he LOVES jewellery and and pretty things.

Days Fifty Two, Fifty Three & Fifty Four - Harrogate Report

Harrogate - Day Two

Right, so I didn't fall asleep until around 3am and was dragged out of the house at 8:45am (I got up at 8am) to go to Marks and Sparks then more gift fairing. NEVER in my life have I ever waited for M&S to open @______@ but no... nothing was bought but this top looked quite cute.

So back to gift fairing, today be day two and I went an placed my orders at the place that sells Chinese ornaments so I bought a bundle of stuff... AND I found a job opportunity! One of my many dream jobs came up and hit me in the face (what I mean to say is that I nearly walked into the stand ^^") but yeah, gonna work on a portfolio of stuff for a card company. Hopefully they'll have me, I've always wanted to be a freelance artist o(^^)o
Once back from town I finished water colouring some of my chibi freebies ^^ The eyes are still blank though, I didn't bring my coloured pencils so that had to wait until I got home. While water colouring I managed to find a music channel that worked (VIVA) since I didn't like how silent it was and didn't want to make conversation with myself ^^"
Swagger Jagger was on... I wanted to die >< I hate that song SO much it's unreal!
Had a hotpot! That shabu shabu made me happy ^^ I ate so many won tons and so many fishballs!

Note to self: Check out Huh by 4 Minute once home. They sexy (say's Jack)

Monday 18th July 2011 - Happy Router

Mr Potter is very happy ^^

Harrogate - Day Three

Gift Fairing again! Yay! More relaxed today and we didn't stay that long. I was offered the world by some random guy 'can I give you the world?'  (by 'the world' he was referring to the holographic card he was giving me. It had the Earth on it.) I was confused but afterwards I was like 'oh... I get it! That's terrible!'
I reckon I'd be like 'awww' if a guy I like said it haha but at the same time it's still terrible.
Had a Primark binge too ^^" I'm terrible... but I got some dungarees which also doubles as a playsuit so yay! It's SO cute and ruffly but going to the loo is going to annoy me big time. Anyways, snaps of clothes at a later date!
Ah yesh, it's Tuesday which means we're heading back to Thirsk (Mah Jong day) but thankfully it didn't last long and omg... we're having lobster?!

There it is... lobster in it's ginger and spring oniony glory xD

Tuesday 19th July 2011 - I'll give you the world...

Aww, thanks xD

Harrogate - Day Four

MORE Gift Fairing D; this is starting to  get tiring now but it's the last day so I guess it's ok -__-"
I bought some lights!! Lights I say! That make me happy. Shall review them at a later date. ^^" They're still at Tai Yee's (my aunties), I didn't bring them home. Went out and met Alex for a few hours too, I looked around for a while and didn't even see him. He was sat right by the window in Nero (duh!) So this was probably the last time I'll see him this summer but he said he'll visit at random times so I shall be getting many opportunities to make cakes (That's why he bought me a cake book for my birthday it seems haha)
So afterwards it was back to the Gift Fair to pick up my purchases! Yay :D So that's my orders and Christine's done and dusted and homg... it rained >< a LOT! My poor panda hat was drenched D:
The rest of the evening was spent watching TV, photographing my purchases, eating and did a seaweed face mask. Omg... it was one of those clay ones! I was entertained, I looked VERY silly as you could imagine! It was a funny sensation as it dried... My face was stiff... this is how I imagine it to feel to have had botox xD
TV  programs watched:
* Antique Roadshow
* Flog It!
* Come Dine with Me
* Come Dine with Me (More4)
* Sherlock Holmes
* The Killing
* The Tudors
What a list haha!


Wednesday 20th July 2011 - Panda

Aren't these cute but sadly WAY too small ><

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day Fifty One - Mimi

Harrogate - Day One

So today's Sunday (yay for continuous back tracking) so I got the bus (yay! Slidey bus!! :D)  from Ripon to Harrogate for a relaxing getaway and some serious gift fairing because it's day one of the Home and Gift exhibition.
Now for a gift fair report... what brilliant things have I seen...?

* Dali styles clocks - I really want one, I'm more than happy for it to look like it's sliding off my drawers ^^
* Bird cage ornaments - Bird cages were EVERYWHERE!! I saw some really nice ivory/cream cages
* Acrylic flowers - SO many colours and SO much choice!
* Sea pearl jewellery - I got some freebies from a company a few years ago and these necklaces and bracelets were similar with a variety of colours.

I've done SO much eating! There was so much fried rice with so much in it! Lets see... there was spam, scallops, peas, sweetcorn and spring onions. AND to put the cherry on the cake there was crispy won tons!!! I really am going to be VERY chubby xD

T'was a bit of a lonely night though. I can't remember the last time I had a bedroom all to myself O____O it was weird. I fell in love with the calendar. So many pandas ^^

Sunday 17th July 2011 - Mimi

Makes me miss my panda so much ;____;

Days Forty Nine and Fifty- Score!!

Friday = forgotten and probably nothing. VERY little must have been done ^^"

So... we went into Boro again on Saturday and experienced a few 'first times'.

* The first time that my squishy tummy fit into a size 8
* The first time I got kicked out of a cafe (MIMA)
* The first time I used my ID for something other than booze

I got a random membership card for CEX when I helped Steph sell some old games. Apparently it's said C.E.X not cex (as in sex)... My bad ^^"

Then to work... There wasn't much to do for a while so I did a doodle. When I got home Natalie likened it to Rob and Claire...

Friday 15th July

Saturday 16th July 2011 - Score!!

Wahey! He pulled! xD

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Day Forty Eight - SO Chubby!!

Ok, so after sorting prices and such I completed Livy's request and now I'm just waiting for Steph to decide what she's after and while waiting I did a chibi of me and she is SO chubby!! xD

Thursday 14th July 2011 - SO chubby!!

Chibi self portrait

Commissions NEW Prices

OK, so I'm doing FREE requests on DeviantART at th moment and realised that it takes a lot longer than I thought it does to finish chibis to a good standard so I'm re-pricing...


Simple coloured chibi - £3
(An hour or just under)

 * £1 per extra character

More complex coloured chibis - £5
(1 to 2 hours)

£1.50 per extra character

Toned half body - £10
(3 - 5 hours)

* £2  per extra character


Full colour fancy stuff, half to 3/4 body - £15
(6 hours + depending on how much time is needing and the complexity of the commission)

* £3 per extra character

If you want a hard copy (glossy or matte) it can be arranged

If interested please leave a comment or drop me a line at

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Day Forty Seven - Commissions?

Okay... so I've been off for the summer for AGES and I really just don't have anything to do and failed at getting a job so why not do something I can actually do?
So Rachel could do with making a few pennies and such so I'm going to start up commissions if anyone is interested. I've had a nosy round at prices and all that jazz and most artists start off at charging around £5 an hour so I'm going to work around that since I like to put time into my work and won't negotiate prices - if you negotiate prices with me then I feel you're not really respecting my work. So please don't do it?

Anyways... here's a guideline of pricing for now

Simple coloured chibi with simple chibi - £3
(Less than an hour)

 * 50p per extra character

Toned half body - £5 to £7
(1 - 2 hours)

* £1 to £1.50 per extra character


Full colour fancy stuff, half to 3/4 body - £10
(3 - 5 hours + depending on how much time is needing and the complexity of the commission)

* £2 to £2.50 per extra character

If you want a hard copy (glossy or matte) it can be arranged

If interested please leave a comment or drop me a line at

Wednesday 13th July 2011 - Commissions?
Oh how I love love you Bakura xD

Days Forty Five & Forty Six - Ella, Ella, Eh, Eh

Ok, not much on Monday. I did a little internet browsing and found some cuties!! I love them so much!!
Monday 11th July 2011
Isn't this seriously cute?! It'd probably look quite fetching on Lady Gaga's head xD

Very little was done on this Tuesday but look at this cutie!

Tuesday 12th July 2011 - Ella, Ella, Eh, Eh
Isn't she adorable? I want to know why her hair isn't ALWAYS like this!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Day Forty Four - Banango?

Dodgy shape right? This was my momma's 'work of art'. She thought she'd trying peeling the mango in the style of poppa with interesting results...

Sunday 10th July 2011 - Banango?

A mango peeled like a banana ;D

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Days Forty One, Forty Two & Forty Three

Ok, Thursday was a total 'I can't be bothered, I just want to sleep day' (I know I want to sleep most days but this was just because I couldn't be bothered to do anything) I heard Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd  for the first time and I wanted to DIE! It is friggin' awful! I'll have Friday anyday (I love you really Rebecca Black)
Ok, so every bad song is going to be compared to Friday (poor Rebecca, Rebecca Black is a nice girl! Even Katy Perry's dad in Last Friday Night said so!) but this was AWFUL! ><
I could have cried it was so bad D:
I found the cut out bits of felt for my rabbit plushie again. Why haven't I stitched and stuffed this yet? It makes NO sense ;____;

Thursday 7th July 2011 - Wabbit

It's Friday, Friday ! (Told you I loved you Rebecca Black ;D)
We went into Middlesbrough today and it totally crapped it down! Why is it that it's decently nice and only a little cold when I go in the winter but rains like there's no tomorrow when I go in the summer? It doesn't makes sense!!!
Seems they refurbished Primark, 50% sale on selected items, just so you all know ;D
Got me a nice denim dressy thing ^^ yay! Always wanted one of those. Apparently wearing denim gives you a youthful, energetic air (according to TVB's lifesytle channel)
No photo today but instead of simple writing 'no photo' I'm going to give you a 'no photo' image like I've been doing on facebook!

Friday 8th July 2011

And Saturday! Yay! Made it to Saturday! Finally got round to going swimming (need to sort this squish!) I don't know if anyone else saw it but on Sweatdrop forums but Faye advertised the selling of the black Innocent World lolita dress. Unfortunately my squish is in the way and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't look very flattering but I am tempted to buy it to encourage this squish shifting because it is LOVELY and I WANT it!!
Finally designed a logo for Nema Club. I did two but this is the one I like better.
Apparently it's not meant to have anything to do with Nemacon/ Nema-chan but the eye was designed to be blue because of Nema-chan's blue eyes but whatever lol

Saturday 9th July 2011 - Nemalogo

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Day Forty - Homina, Homina

Two words: Johnny Depp *heart*
Went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean last night and all I can think is 'homina, homina!' I love you Johnny Depp!!! T'was a very good film with a good dose of giggles xD

That's right, it seems Rachel likes older men ;D

Upon browsing DA I found this beastie which I thought I'd share

'You fancy her' - Black Beard
Yes I'm sure he does too

Wednesday 6th July 2011 - Homina, Homina

By: AndyBuck @DeviantART
I think it's pretty skillful

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Day Thirty Nine - Awww!

Leeds day! Ok, so I'd been ringing up the hairdresser all yesterday and all I could get through to was their voicemail. It turns out it's closed down and is going to be turned into a massage place!
I NEED a haircut... my fringe has been pinned up and when Rachel's being fringe-less Rachel you know it all gone wrong. I want a face, not just a mass of hair!!!

In the end we had to give the other place a go. We avoided it the last time since we don't speak Mandarin but hey. Worth a try.
The poor bloke was trying to tell us that it's £20 for a wash, cute and finish and we just had no idea what he was trying to say ^^"
The woman spoke a little Cantonese but I was still worried that they'd pretend they knew what I meant and just hack all of my hair off O_____O
The wash was funny. You know how in most places they ask you to turn your hair? Well she picked my head up and turned it... I was so confused... I didn't know what she was doing to my head haha!
I was TERRIFIED when the bloke cut my hair. There was so. so much hair flying everywhere so quickly O____O funny though, my fringe trim was way more than an trim. I expected them to take a few centimetres off not hack inches and inches but it's ok. I'm happy I can see ^^"
T'was a brilliant blowdry and finish though! It's so swishy and floaty and light so I'm happy!

Tuesday 5th June 2011 - Awww!

How can you eat something that looks so cute?!

Day Thirty Eight - Sailor Moon

Ok, I'm getting through these Sailor Moon dvd's WAY too quickly! I only have one and a half discs left D:
So once again I made my way through what I call the 'Nephrite arc' of season one and episode 21 will laways be one of my favourites ^^

(21 = the episode about the making of the Sailor V anime and the twin youma)
It entertained me a lot when Hiromi and her friend go to see the anime producer

producer: see her figure? it doesn't show 'love' and this leg? You don't get a feel of warmth
Hiromi: So what you're saying is she's not sexy enough for you?
producer: how can you say that? I'm a father now! Don't ruin my reputation!
baby: babu babu!

Even when Hiromi (while possessed) says that she's planning on killing Sailor V off the baby still goes 'Babu! Babu!' in sheer disagreement but I'm sure he or she has NO idea what's going on and can't really understand the idea of killing Sailor V off! What does the baby care about animation?

And episode 24... It doesn't matter if I', 6, 16 or 18. I'll still cry my little heart out when Nephrite dies ;___;
It actually genuinely makes me really sad, he's my favourite villain! Although I probably wouldn't care as much if he was a douche but I do feel that he truly did have feelings for naru even if it was only towards the end. He wouldn't have bothered saving her if he didn't care.

Monday 4th July 2011 - Sailor Moon


Monday, 4 July 2011

Days Thirty Five, Thirty Six and Thirty Seven - Owwie / Moon Prism Power!! ~

Ok, so I continued job hunting today as you do but still nothing ><
It's stupidly warm today... I no likey U___U
I don't know why but my head was killing me. There was an awful throbbing in the right side of my head T___T and it made me feel quite queasy and dizzy. It's going to be A LONG night ><
The only thing done was a lot of sleeping. Tomorrow ought to be a better day...

Well I can say that today was fairly better. I think it might have even moved to the left side O_____O wut?
Another home day it seems... It's funny, apparently the best cure at the time was Sweeney Todd xD How odd haha! Apparently watching Johnny Depp slit people's throats is the way to go ^^"
Nothing makes life better than a bit of Sailor Moon though!
Ha! I LOVE how that dvd box had the cheek to brand itself as 'original'... I think it leans more towards 'bootleg' unfotunately.
Only the very first episode has the opening theme... it makes me quite sad... I love the Cantonese opening!!
Remember the part where the crescent comes up and the name of the episode is announced? Well for the first half of Disc One it's announced in Japanese as are quotes and even some of the dubbing is still in Japanese. However... I have NEVER seen Usagi-chan's 'Moon Prism Power' transformation in such vibrant colour and so sparkly so I forgive it ^____~

Sunday 2nd July 2011 - Moon Prism Power

Day Thirty Four - Lolita

I lost count haha ^^"
This post is actually for Thursday 30th June
I finally got round to trying on my Putumayo skirt!! No photos yet I'm afraid but I can confirm that my worries about the length were silly! It's a very good length, petticoats won't cause an issue. It's such a lovely skirt though, I already know it's going to be worn a lot because I simply love it ^^
(Don't worry Ellie, I'll look after it!!)
For someone who's fairly new to buying and wearing lolita despite discovering many years ago (I first discovered it when I saw a random documentary on lolita in Honk Kong on TVB) I still don't know a lot about co-ordinating and that but I'll get there! This is my very, very first brand skirt so I was really excited about it! This skirt is from
There are some lovely sales by very nice, patient people. It's a good starting point if you don't have the money to splash out on something brand new and uber expensive ^^