Sunday, 24 July 2011

Day Fifty Five - Otomen

Getting the train home today! I can't believe that I went to Harrogate with one bag and left with three! Infact, I had to leave one behind because I couldn't carry it ^^"
Did a bit of buying Internacionale (photos later once again) and then we did a quick trip to the library and omg! Harrogate library has YAOI! Usually it's the artwork on the cover that catches my eye and makes me pick up a book but I was like 'oh my... is that two men?' I just didn't expect yaoi in a library ^^" but the artwork wasn't that pretty so I didn't take it along on my travels but I did take volume 4 and 5 of Otomen and fell in love with Asuka, Ryo and Juta all over again ^^ then I stopped off and had some lemon drizzle cake at York station.

Thursday 21st July 2011 - Otomen

A doodle I did a little while back of an otomen - a guy who is girly at heart with girly passions.
Despite being a cool looking high school heart throb he LOVES jewellery and and pretty things.

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