Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day Fifty One - Mimi

Harrogate - Day One

So today's Sunday (yay for continuous back tracking) so I got the bus (yay! Slidey bus!! :D)  from Ripon to Harrogate for a relaxing getaway and some serious gift fairing because it's day one of the Home and Gift exhibition.
Now for a gift fair report... what brilliant things have I seen...?

* Dali styles clocks - I really want one, I'm more than happy for it to look like it's sliding off my drawers ^^
* Bird cage ornaments - Bird cages were EVERYWHERE!! I saw some really nice ivory/cream cages
* Acrylic flowers - SO many colours and SO much choice!
* Sea pearl jewellery - I got some freebies from a company a few years ago and these necklaces and bracelets were similar with a variety of colours.

I've done SO much eating! There was so much fried rice with so much in it! Lets see... there was spam, scallops, peas, sweetcorn and spring onions. AND to put the cherry on the cake there was crispy won tons!!! I really am going to be VERY chubby xD

T'was a bit of a lonely night though. I can't remember the last time I had a bedroom all to myself O____O it was weird. I fell in love with the calendar. So many pandas ^^

Sunday 17th July 2011 - Mimi

Makes me miss my panda so much ;____;

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