Sunday, 24 July 2011

Days Fifty Two, Fifty Three & Fifty Four - Harrogate Report

Harrogate - Day Two

Right, so I didn't fall asleep until around 3am and was dragged out of the house at 8:45am (I got up at 8am) to go to Marks and Sparks then more gift fairing. NEVER in my life have I ever waited for M&S to open @______@ but no... nothing was bought but this top looked quite cute.

So back to gift fairing, today be day two and I went an placed my orders at the place that sells Chinese ornaments so I bought a bundle of stuff... AND I found a job opportunity! One of my many dream jobs came up and hit me in the face (what I mean to say is that I nearly walked into the stand ^^") but yeah, gonna work on a portfolio of stuff for a card company. Hopefully they'll have me, I've always wanted to be a freelance artist o(^^)o
Once back from town I finished water colouring some of my chibi freebies ^^ The eyes are still blank though, I didn't bring my coloured pencils so that had to wait until I got home. While water colouring I managed to find a music channel that worked (VIVA) since I didn't like how silent it was and didn't want to make conversation with myself ^^"
Swagger Jagger was on... I wanted to die >< I hate that song SO much it's unreal!
Had a hotpot! That shabu shabu made me happy ^^ I ate so many won tons and so many fishballs!

Note to self: Check out Huh by 4 Minute once home. They sexy (say's Jack)

Monday 18th July 2011 - Happy Router

Mr Potter is very happy ^^

Harrogate - Day Three

Gift Fairing again! Yay! More relaxed today and we didn't stay that long. I was offered the world by some random guy 'can I give you the world?'  (by 'the world' he was referring to the holographic card he was giving me. It had the Earth on it.) I was confused but afterwards I was like 'oh... I get it! That's terrible!'
I reckon I'd be like 'awww' if a guy I like said it haha but at the same time it's still terrible.
Had a Primark binge too ^^" I'm terrible... but I got some dungarees which also doubles as a playsuit so yay! It's SO cute and ruffly but going to the loo is going to annoy me big time. Anyways, snaps of clothes at a later date!
Ah yesh, it's Tuesday which means we're heading back to Thirsk (Mah Jong day) but thankfully it didn't last long and omg... we're having lobster?!

There it is... lobster in it's ginger and spring oniony glory xD

Tuesday 19th July 2011 - I'll give you the world...

Aww, thanks xD

Harrogate - Day Four

MORE Gift Fairing D; this is starting to  get tiring now but it's the last day so I guess it's ok -__-"
I bought some lights!! Lights I say! That make me happy. Shall review them at a later date. ^^" They're still at Tai Yee's (my aunties), I didn't bring them home. Went out and met Alex for a few hours too, I looked around for a while and didn't even see him. He was sat right by the window in Nero (duh!) So this was probably the last time I'll see him this summer but he said he'll visit at random times so I shall be getting many opportunities to make cakes (That's why he bought me a cake book for my birthday it seems haha)
So afterwards it was back to the Gift Fair to pick up my purchases! Yay :D So that's my orders and Christine's done and dusted and homg... it rained >< a LOT! My poor panda hat was drenched D:
The rest of the evening was spent watching TV, photographing my purchases, eating and did a seaweed face mask. Omg... it was one of those clay ones! I was entertained, I looked VERY silly as you could imagine! It was a funny sensation as it dried... My face was stiff... this is how I imagine it to feel to have had botox xD
TV  programs watched:
* Antique Roadshow
* Flog It!
* Come Dine with Me
* Come Dine with Me (More4)
* Sherlock Holmes
* The Killing
* The Tudors
What a list haha!


Wednesday 20th July 2011 - Panda

Aren't these cute but sadly WAY too small ><

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