Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Days Forty Nine and Fifty- Score!!

Friday = forgotten and probably nothing. VERY little must have been done ^^"

So... we went into Boro again on Saturday and experienced a few 'first times'.

* The first time that my squishy tummy fit into a size 8
* The first time I got kicked out of a cafe (MIMA)
* The first time I used my ID for something other than booze

I got a random membership card for CEX when I helped Steph sell some old games. Apparently it's said C.E.X not cex (as in sex)... My bad ^^"

Then to work... There wasn't much to do for a while so I did a doodle. When I got home Natalie likened it to Rob and Claire...

Friday 15th July

Saturday 16th July 2011 - Score!!

Wahey! He pulled! xD

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