Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ray Ray Plugs... The Ghost Writer

A quick plugging of TVB's The Ghost Writer I feel is necessary ^^" It's been a while since TVB produced a fantasy drama (if this is familiar it's because I already plugged this on Ray Ray's Bubble when I watched it online) So I'm actually seeing episode two for the second time and Fala Chen is just SO cute as Ling Wu Siu Tsui (令狐小翠)
an inexperienced fox spirit. The way she repeats things she's heard from the court and mixes up her vocabulary is adorable! She usually plays spoilt characters (A Journey Called Life, Steps, etc) or seductive characters so it's really nice to see her play such an innocent, childish character ^^ epscially the way she nags her Grandfather, it's so intimate and close.
My only complaint are the ears and tail!! They are SO fake! I've seen cosplayers with way more realistic ears. C'mon TVB, it might not be a grand drama or anything but a bit more effort in teh costume department wouldn't hurt.

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