Friday, 30 September 2011

Days One Hundred and Twenty and One Hundred and Twenty One - Home Sweet Home

Went home for the weekend for the first time since I started college! I've missed people, my room and MY bed SOOOO much!!! There were things that I didn't miss though like the constantly childish bickering between dickheads of sorts (language language) seriously children, grow up!
Bless my momma, she was tempting me to stay home a bit longer and just skip Monday! Why did she never let me do that last year and the year before eh? Clearly she misses me hehe ;D 

Miss you all! *heart*

Remember when I bought this scrummy body butter moisturiser? I keep forgetting to bring it with me ><

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2011 - Home Sweet Home

Just love, no photo haha xD

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 21 & 22 *
The Special Someone is so cute, even when he's had x amount of drinks ^///^

Day One Hundred and Nineteen - ZZZ

Oh my... for some reason I was really tired when I got in... I was only going to take a nap at around 7pm ish but I didn't wake up until after 10pm... ^^"

Friday 23rd September 2011 - ZZZ

Understandably no photo ^^"

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 20 *

Day One Hundred and Eighteen - Where the EFF are my bamboo shoots and shrooms?!

Got a lift into college this morning in Sam's Mini, it made me think about 'the good old days' when I was learning to drive in a Mini xD I was a 'BRILLIANT' driver!
On the way home I passed the take away nearby. Walking past I realised it had been a while since I'd had a take away. I wanted some spring rolls the last time I went past but I thought they were expensive but they're cheaper than ours so I got some. Reading the menu as I waited I realised I was only getting two! I felt quite overcharged until they came out and appeared to be absolutely HUGE! It's like getting four little one. Complaint instantly forgotten. All was well until I realised I couldn't actually eat it... it was too big to fit in my mouth so I had to dissect it first. Spring roll #1 dissected and demolished but there was no sign of ANY bamboo shoots OR shrooms! *RAGE!*

Thursday 22nd September 2011 - Where the EFF are my bamboo shoots and shrooms?!

I know I like beansprouts but this is ridiculous!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 19*

Day One Hundred and Seventeen - LEMON!

Yeah, I've been really out of date and haven't been updating properly so I don't even know!
Was talked at about a Japanese Artist who did an animation with charcoal and I thought of one who used iron filings. Then I remembered the iron filing incident in year eight which led to eye operation #3 (I think it's 3... if not, 'x'). Remember when you got me in the eye with a golf ball just as I was recovering Lizzy? I do!! xD

Ooo! I had a lemon muffin though! It was an AWESOME lemon muffin indeed! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't being fed ;D 

Wednesday 21st September 2011 - LEMON!

No! Not that type of lemon! That's naughty ;D

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* 18 *

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Sixteen - Well that was a good sleep!

Yeah, told you it'd be a good sleep haha xD
Drew all the key frames for my animation too, it wasn't that smooth though, it could do with one or two filler frames for each life but my light box (window) isn't functioning at the moment, it'll have to wait until tomorrow ^^" I might start the colouring now though so then it looks like I've done more than doodle...
The poor soul goes through so many traumatic lives, I'm sorry ^^"
Today has been a good day for sleep, art, cooking and love it seems! I'm happy :)
I had an interesting conversation regarding art today. The Special Someone said he'd get me the Mona Lisa but I wouldn't have the Mona Lisa in my house, it'd freak me out but it is very skillful and admirable. I asked for Magritte's 'this is not a pipe' instead, I like that. It's just nice and light hearted. I wouldn't have it on display on my wall but I would like it! I'd like something by Vladimir Kush though, I like his work, it's pretty ^^

'This is not a pipe' - Rene Magritte
Arrival of the Flower Ship
Arrival of the Flower Ship - Vladimir Kush

Flown With the Wind
Flown With the Wind - Vladimir Kush 

(Just to throw out a few that I like)

Been working with my butterfly light's on and love songs playing haha, the atmosphere in my room is so romantic right now, can't stop playing Until You Can't Find Me by Raymond Lam, Where Did You Go by GEM and I Can't Not Love You by Gillian Chung and Kenny Kwan. I've found a real love for Gillian's voice it seems ^^

Tuesday 20th September 2011 - Well that was a good sleep!
Here it is! Today's dish of the day is stir fried tofu fish balls with cucumber, shroom and red pepper!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 17 * 
I love you ^///^

(Why can't I get it in under * 17 *?? I used to be able to do that!)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Fifteen - 非君不嫁

If Britton knew how many times I've changed ideas and re-thumbnailed she would shoot me!
I've abandoned the idea of obsession. The animation as I've said was finished in like five minutes so I thought maybe a mix media piece expressing what's going on in our dear stalker's head (sorry James xD) but apparently it was a bit too graphicy. You know you get paranoid sometimes when you're on public transport etc and you think people are talking about you and sniggering at you? Why not try a sound installation eh? Challenge accepted! In my head I already scrapped that idea, I want to go back to reincarnation and soul transgression, I had so much more fun with that so I'm gonna scrap obsession and go back to that and make another animation and this time it won't take five minutes! 
it's actually a good sign that I swapped ideas, my bus was deathly silent apart from Rihanna being played on some randomer's phone... challenge failed lol.
Storyboard done. Might do a final version in my sketchbook if there's time (c'mon, it takes up space!) Tomorrow's job is to draw ALL (or at least 80%) of the frames by hand. Miyazaki-sama would be so proud haha!
I've decided that I really like 非君不嫁 by Gillian Chung. it's a poetic way of saying you won't 
marry him unless he's the one or more literally, i it's not him I won't marry. I agree! 非君不嫁!

Monday 19th September 2011 - 非君不嫁
D'aww, look at Jack's cute, squishy, glowy soul ^^

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 16 *
Order has been restored, tonight will not be sleepless! Thank you!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Fourteen - You jump, I jump

Had a nice sleep in until like 1pm ^^"
I kept waking up last night and kept checking my phone. I finally had a text at about 11am but it was from o2... I also received a 'poke' on facebook, I got excited for a little bit but then it turned into disappointment, it wasn't that Special Someone I've been having a poke war with for all this time...
My mind isn't functioning properly, I can't even think of some work I can invent for myself to do for tomorrow...

Sunday 18th September 2011 - You jump, I jump.
In Men Without Shadows Fong Fong said 'I jump, you jump.'  If you jumped off a building I'd follow you.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 15 *
If this is what it feels like to miss someone I never want to be missed.

Day One Hundred and Thirteen - Oh dear...

Yeah... Did my photos today which went swimmingly except I changed the story a little because it looked better in my head than it did in real life but I wasn't mean to finish the animation too...
What a load of crap in a bucket ><

Saturday 17th September 2011 - Oh dear...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
* 14 *

Saturday, 17 September 2011

GEO Lenses - Review!

Ok, so you all know that I got some circle lenses and that they were hard to get in and made me feel like a doll but lets do a proper review ^^"

So what did I actually buy? These are GEO's one tone GEO Brown BC-103 [click here]
They got here in a few days with free shipping, free lens case and a cake phone charm ^^
At first they are quite hard to put in if you've never used contacts before but if you put them in right you should adjust fairly quickly. The first time I put mine n my right eye was quite uncomfortable, turns out I probably put it in the wrong way round ^^" It comes with a handy instruction leaflet which tells you how you can tell! The second time round was ok though and fairly easy. 
Shall we see then?



AND with make-up xD 
I rarely wear make up but you know, just for fun ^^

And then with only one lens in to show the difference. (You can see both [here]) You can't see the colour of the lens much because my eyes are quite dark but it does make them look a lot rounder and more doll like!

A VERY good buy!

visit for your own pair!

day One Hundred and Twelve - Oh My Squishy Soul

Oh Friday, you are nice to me! Started at 10am and finished at 4pm today, it made me VERY happy!
Got back, fed myself (eggy rice with fishballs and char siu) and painted a soul on Photoshop

Doesn't it look glowy and squishy? I like it xD

The I got round to painting my soul, can't keep it as line art, line art can never be glowy or squishy but before that I witnessed Jack making a cake and man it was a good cake! I did some tea sampling too, I do rather like earl grey now ^^
Made a start on watching Black Butler too, Sebastian is pretty nice to look at and is simply one hell of a butler! But that scene is a yaoi scene complete with lemons! (He was just having his corset tightened...)
Turns out I shouldn't talk, everything comes out wrong!!

[helping my friend connect his bracelet with the bar from a piercing...]
'Is it in yet?'
'Only you could tell'
It'd be terrible if someone else heard it...

Friday 16th September 2011 - Oh My Squishy Soul
The Baltic already tried to destroy it so please don't eat it...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 13 *

Day One Hundred and Eleven - Post Fail

Ugh... I experienced the longest hour of my life... why must we be in until 5pm?!
The life drawing was good though, I wasn't half as uncomfortable as I thought I'd be and no, the model wasn't a guy who is a complete bish although I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish it was ;D
Anyway, ran to the post office when I got back and it closed on me... I was not amused ¬¬"

Thursday 15th September 2011 - Post Fail
Too mush of a failure for a photo

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 12 *

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Ten - No Moon?

'Do me a doodle of what you think your soul looks like'
yes, I'm a weird child, I want people to draw their souls (actually, I've just been watching too much Soul Eater as of late but hey!) It was quite entertaining actually xD
Finally got round to eating that moon cake tonight but when I got to the third piece I realised that there was no moon in my cake... my soul has been destroyed...

Wednesday 14th September 2011 - No Moon?
If I have a soul (I'd like to think I do) I think it'd look a lot like this xD

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
* 11 *

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Nine - Oooo!

D'awww, my momma, Grandad and crazy auntie came to visit today xD It was so windy in town though, I was so close to being blown away ^^"
Seems real art comes with real homework too... it's my day off and I have to do work ><
It's actually stopped raining now... the one time I want rain and it's sunny, this is mean ¬¬"
But anyway, before I actually do anything I'm gonna try on my GEO lenses! I'll do a proper review for them a little later but here they are in, I feel like such a doll xD

Tuesday 13th September 2011 - Oooo!
Eeee! They were hard to put in at first, I kept blinking ^^"

Did I mention I finished Soul Eater last night? Well I did and now I miss it...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
* 10 *

Day One Hundred and Eight - MORE real art!

Here it is, Rachel does some REAL work!

A mix of graphite, charcoal, pencil, ink, water colour and something I can't remember... ^^"

 Monday 12th September 2011 - MORE real art!

The art of cooking that is! Boiled rice with a fishball, cucumber and mushroom stir fry in oyster sauce.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 9 *

Monday, 12 September 2011

Friday, 9 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Five - REAL Art and a Whole Lotta Apples

Got a little bit of a lie in this morning ^^ made me happy (actually, I only got up about half an hour later but hey). Woke up at 6am very briefly (just to hit send), I didn't reply that Special Someone's text last night in case I woke him up ^^"
Today has actually been the best day so far apart from Tuesday xD
I actually feel like an art student at an art college now that I've done some REAL work! Getting messy next week, that should be good... *fingers crossed*
Found a trailer for TVB's 不速之約 on my wall! Thanks Fiona, I can't wait for that series to air but it's a shame that I no longer have the Chinese channel to watch it on ;____;
Having a browse and saw this beasite >

Cute right? FungYi is totally my favourite TVB pairing! Oh TVB, why do you bully me by putting them in the same series yet not letting them be together? ><

Friday 9th September 2011 - REAL Art and a Whole Lotta Apples
The red apples make me think of Twilight...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 6 *

Day One Hundred and Four - HATE!

Went on a trip to Seven Stories and the Baltic. It was NOT good (and here I was hoping it would be good) I could spend one hour in Seven Stories max, not two hours! I'm 18, not 8! And the cafe was expensive >< When I want a brownie I don't want it to cost me an arm!
The Baltic was not particularly impressive. Some things were nice to look at while some art soul destroying, i don't like contemporary art. I hate how you can throw something together and call it 'modern art'. Remember that unmade bed? That is not art! It's not worthy of being admired. I want to see skill! I hate life!
Best part of the day? The trek around Newcastle to the closest Mcdonalds! Didn't keep me full for long... 
Went home (called my Yee Yee for important advice) and made a fishball fried rice (well living it up xD) It was surprisingly nice, I knew working at/ observing in the take away would come in handy one day! I love life!

Thursday 8th September 2011 - HATE!

Not the fried rice obviously, that was God C:
'My girlfriend is such a cute little cook :p' - Yes, yes she is haha!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 5 * 
I love how we refer to each other was you/my girlfriend/ boyfriend xD

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Three - The Longest Half an Hour of My Life!

Second day at CCAD today (so tired, I'm not ready for another college day after having yesterday off).
Did a random proxemic exercise this morning (I didn't even know the word until today xD) which was all about personal space and the jazz. Apparently I don't care too much for personal space (about 1.5 feet). Then we had to walk towards teh other person and go as close to touching toes. That was weird, Cue awkward laugh and looking away or in my case, cover face. I curled up like a squirrel xD So that's why I make people think of a small woodland creature eh? ^^"
In the afternoon I experienced the two longest half and hours in my life!! D: I have NEVER felt time going so, so slowly and in the meantime my stomach was making complains regarding hunger and made a particularly loud rumble while we were sat on the bench by reception  ><
'Did you phone just go off?'
'No, that was my stomach..'
'But I felt it vibrate!'
*checks phone*
'No, no. Most definitely my stomach!'
Oh yes, it did a LOT of rumbling, I went home and made a stack of sandwiches, ate and then went to sleep xD how good life is eh?

Wednesday 7th September 2011 - The Longest Half an Hour of My Life!
Took a bite already, couldn't resist ;D

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 4 *

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Two - Mmm, fishballs!

Day off today! Yay! Totally love how I get a random day off :D
Did a little sleeping in today as you do. It seems I must have gone to sleep later than I thought since I was really tired this morning and kept drifting off again and again until about 11:45am. (It took me longer to make those stars than I thought ^^") 
Sorted out my teen rider thingy, half bus fares for Rachel thank you very much ^^
FINALLY got some belts so I don't end up with like 10 inches of my skinny jeans around my ankles. They're not brilliant though (silly Primark). Mind you they are skinny belts... 3 for £2. They were pretty, I couldn't resist ok?
Picked up some more noodles and ice tea from the Chinese supermarket too. There's only one at home and we need two so la la la and home I go to cook the hell out of those noodles and fishballs that I forgot to defrost... ^^"

Tuesday 6th September 2011 - Mmm, fishballs!
So proud of me haha xD

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 3 *
Day three and it still feels like magic!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Day One Hundred and One - CCAD

First day at art college today!! I rolled out of bed at about 7:50am thinking it could take me a while but I was all done and dusted and totally ready to go at like 8:30am so I got the 8:48am bus instead. Oh my... there were SO many people there but I didn't now anyone D: 
When Steph came by I was like 'Homg!' *glomp* 
But yeah, despite the graphite mustache I sported (I didn't realise until I got home, I even resisted itching my face until I washed me hands!) I had a very good day AND I get tomorrow off :D 
Lol, been having a pretty entertaining conversation with the Special Someone ^^
'We may as well just trade clothes xD' - that'd never work in the long term, his jeans will be WAY too long on me ^^"
Ah, I love my life! *heart*

Monday 5th September 2011 - CCAD

My contextual journal and pencil case (cute right?) Don't have a watch so I wore my pocket watch necklace so I don't keep checking the time on my phone ^^"

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 2 *
It still feels so surreal >w< *doki doki*
*cue Miss HK theme AGAIN*