Monday, 19 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Fifteen - 非君不嫁

If Britton knew how many times I've changed ideas and re-thumbnailed she would shoot me!
I've abandoned the idea of obsession. The animation as I've said was finished in like five minutes so I thought maybe a mix media piece expressing what's going on in our dear stalker's head (sorry James xD) but apparently it was a bit too graphicy. You know you get paranoid sometimes when you're on public transport etc and you think people are talking about you and sniggering at you? Why not try a sound installation eh? Challenge accepted! In my head I already scrapped that idea, I want to go back to reincarnation and soul transgression, I had so much more fun with that so I'm gonna scrap obsession and go back to that and make another animation and this time it won't take five minutes! 
it's actually a good sign that I swapped ideas, my bus was deathly silent apart from Rihanna being played on some randomer's phone... challenge failed lol.
Storyboard done. Might do a final version in my sketchbook if there's time (c'mon, it takes up space!) Tomorrow's job is to draw ALL (or at least 80%) of the frames by hand. Miyazaki-sama would be so proud haha!
I've decided that I really like 非君不嫁 by Gillian Chung. it's a poetic way of saying you won't 
marry him unless he's the one or more literally, i it's not him I won't marry. I agree! 非君不嫁!

Monday 19th September 2011 - 非君不嫁
D'aww, look at Jack's cute, squishy, glowy soul ^^

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 16 *
Order has been restored, tonight will not be sleepless! Thank you!

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