Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Nine - Oooo!

D'awww, my momma, Grandad and crazy auntie came to visit today xD It was so windy in town though, I was so close to being blown away ^^"
Seems real art comes with real homework too... it's my day off and I have to do work ><
It's actually stopped raining now... the one time I want rain and it's sunny, this is mean ¬¬"
But anyway, before I actually do anything I'm gonna try on my GEO lenses! I'll do a proper review for them a little later but here they are in, I feel like such a doll xD

Tuesday 13th September 2011 - Oooo!
Eeee! They were hard to put in at first, I kept blinking ^^"

Did I mention I finished Soul Eater last night? Well I did and now I miss it...

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