Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day One Hundred and Sixteen - Well that was a good sleep!

Yeah, told you it'd be a good sleep haha xD
Drew all the key frames for my animation too, it wasn't that smooth though, it could do with one or two filler frames for each life but my light box (window) isn't functioning at the moment, it'll have to wait until tomorrow ^^" I might start the colouring now though so then it looks like I've done more than doodle...
The poor soul goes through so many traumatic lives, I'm sorry ^^"
Today has been a good day for sleep, art, cooking and love it seems! I'm happy :)
I had an interesting conversation regarding art today. The Special Someone said he'd get me the Mona Lisa but I wouldn't have the Mona Lisa in my house, it'd freak me out but it is very skillful and admirable. I asked for Magritte's 'this is not a pipe' instead, I like that. It's just nice and light hearted. I wouldn't have it on display on my wall but I would like it! I'd like something by Vladimir Kush though, I like his work, it's pretty ^^

'This is not a pipe' - Rene Magritte
Arrival of the Flower Ship
Arrival of the Flower Ship - Vladimir Kush

Flown With the Wind
Flown With the Wind - Vladimir Kush 

(Just to throw out a few that I like)

Been working with my butterfly light's on and love songs playing haha, the atmosphere in my room is so romantic right now, can't stop playing Until You Can't Find Me by Raymond Lam, Where Did You Go by GEM and I Can't Not Love You by Gillian Chung and Kenny Kwan. I've found a real love for Gillian's voice it seems ^^

Tuesday 20th September 2011 - Well that was a good sleep!
Here it is! Today's dish of the day is stir fried tofu fish balls with cucumber, shroom and red pepper!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 17 * 
I love you ^///^

(Why can't I get it in under * 17 *?? I used to be able to do that!)

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