Saturday, 17 September 2011

day One Hundred and Twelve - Oh My Squishy Soul

Oh Friday, you are nice to me! Started at 10am and finished at 4pm today, it made me VERY happy!
Got back, fed myself (eggy rice with fishballs and char siu) and painted a soul on Photoshop

Doesn't it look glowy and squishy? I like it xD

The I got round to painting my soul, can't keep it as line art, line art can never be glowy or squishy but before that I witnessed Jack making a cake and man it was a good cake! I did some tea sampling too, I do rather like earl grey now ^^
Made a start on watching Black Butler too, Sebastian is pretty nice to look at and is simply one hell of a butler! But that scene is a yaoi scene complete with lemons! (He was just having his corset tightened...)
Turns out I shouldn't talk, everything comes out wrong!!

[helping my friend connect his bracelet with the bar from a piercing...]
'Is it in yet?'
'Only you could tell'
It'd be terrible if someone else heard it...

Friday 16th September 2011 - Oh My Squishy Soul
The Baltic already tried to destroy it so please don't eat it...

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 13 *

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