Friday, 30 September 2011

Days One Hundred and Twenty and One Hundred and Twenty One - Home Sweet Home

Went home for the weekend for the first time since I started college! I've missed people, my room and MY bed SOOOO much!!! There were things that I didn't miss though like the constantly childish bickering between dickheads of sorts (language language) seriously children, grow up!
Bless my momma, she was tempting me to stay home a bit longer and just skip Monday! Why did she never let me do that last year and the year before eh? Clearly she misses me hehe ;D 

Miss you all! *heart*

Remember when I bought this scrummy body butter moisturiser? I keep forgetting to bring it with me ><

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2011 - Home Sweet Home

Just love, no photo haha xD

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

* 21 & 22 *
The Special Someone is so cute, even when he's had x amount of drinks ^///^

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