Saturday, 17 September 2011

GEO Lenses - Review!

Ok, so you all know that I got some circle lenses and that they were hard to get in and made me feel like a doll but lets do a proper review ^^"

So what did I actually buy? These are GEO's one tone GEO Brown BC-103 [click here]
They got here in a few days with free shipping, free lens case and a cake phone charm ^^
At first they are quite hard to put in if you've never used contacts before but if you put them in right you should adjust fairly quickly. The first time I put mine n my right eye was quite uncomfortable, turns out I probably put it in the wrong way round ^^" It comes with a handy instruction leaflet which tells you how you can tell! The second time round was ok though and fairly easy. 
Shall we see then?



AND with make-up xD 
I rarely wear make up but you know, just for fun ^^

And then with only one lens in to show the difference. (You can see both [here]) You can't see the colour of the lens much because my eyes are quite dark but it does make them look a lot rounder and more doll like!

A VERY good buy!

visit for your own pair!

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