Sunday, 9 October 2011

Day One Hundred and Twenty Three - Boorin

Ugh... usually I don't mind life drawing but that life room was bloody boiling and there's 17/18 of us squeezed in there stood around drawing all afternoon! That measured drawing was ridiculously boring and leg numbing ><
I actually wanted to die a little bit! Even when I got home my legs and lower back were aching T__T
 But there is still one good thing, I had post! My lens case finally arrived!!

 Hehe, remember the part in Boorin where Karin picks up the piggy compact mirror? That's what it made em think of when I took it out of it's packaging haha except mine's purple, not pink.
No piggy nose to attack me in mine though haha but isn't it just so cute and compactly snuggly?!
My lenses need transferring over still...

Thursday 29th Septemer - Boorin

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