Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Day One Hundred and Twenty Six - SALE!

Just put a number of items on EGL to sell off because I can really do with the money ^^"
Feel free to take a look!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day One Hundred and Twenty Five - RAGE (please excuse language)

I've had an awful day, I've been fuming! I really, really hate my tutor for having Thursdays off, this other tutor is an absolute prick! I appreciate constructive criticism but I don't need two weeks of insults. Last week my work was 'boring' and now I'm only ever going to be 'mediocre'! I'll make complaint if I have to, it's unnecessary. The asshole doesn't know who he's fucking with! I'd love to give him a good kick in the balls with my not real rocking horse shoes but that wouldn't have ended well although it would have felt fucking fantastic!!
When I pass this course and lordy lord if I pass with a merit or distinction I will make him want to be swallowed up by the floor. I hope you look forward to my pass man whore, I want you to take back those two insults and I promise to make a public affair out of it! ;D

*End of Rant*

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Day One Hundred and Twenty Four - I'm still here!

I always wondered how long I could keep this blog going for but I never thought I'd have fallen this far behind this soon... From now on there will probably be less frequent posts. Rather than one everyday I'm just going to post whenever.
I think I've actually lost my camera case not. I 'misplaced' it a little while ago so I just put my camera in one of my arm warmers but I thought it was about time it got a real case so I made it one xD
I found that I eally, really like making things be it bows or little gadget carriers. I even made a little pin cushion! Might make a pair of mittens too xD
There it is in it's fleecy pink glory! Ain't it cute?

Saturday 12th November 2011 - I'm still here!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
* 70 *
Wow, 10 weeks now! Can't believe my last post was in September!