Thursday, 22 December 2011

Day One Hundred and Thirty - AP, AP and Bodyline! Oh my!

Super shiny celebrities in lolita!

First up lets throw out a shiro loli Lady Gaga in Angelic Pretty
Not a fan of the gloves, she should have left them out and a little more poof wouldn't hurt but overall I do quite likey :)
Manba Gaga! Not with this co-ord though honey... although I'd love to see a proper manba co-ord, that could be pretty interesting!
Apparently it was for sale on the egl_comm_sales... I really do quite want that dress regardless that that's it's been sold and I have no idea what this JSK is called ;___;
Just look at those ruffles!!!!

MORE Angelic Pretty from Katy Perry in 2010
This is SO Katy Perry O______O
If there was a brand for her it would have to be Angelic Pretty, especially during that California Gurls period.I likey :D although I'm a little surprised that she wasn't dresses in a proper colourful dress complete with whimsical print

And now to leave the brand behind, thank you Hayley Williams for doing Bodyline
Not worn in a particular lolitary way but it is a nice JSK no? But lets forget the dress for a moment, why is she blonde? O___o
Surprise, surprise! It's sold out on the Bodyline website. Shame... I do like and can probably afford it ><

So how do you feel about celebrities wearing lolita? Do you think it popularizes lolita fashion? 

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