Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day One Hundred and Twenty Nine - Getting Crafty!

Eee I'm so happy xD I feel like I've had a productive day and I actually have work to show for it this time round!

Firstly, I finished my final piece the 'Schizophrenia Dress' 

And there it is again with fairly lights ^^ the ruffles and poofy skirt are inspired by lolita and afterwards I'll probably take it all apart and just keep the skirt (the bottom section with the green print on) but it needs more ruffles adding to the back since there wasn't enough fabric ^^" So that makes it DNA loli because of the helix print eh?

Secondly, I finished my mini me!! She's so cute ^^
I simply LOVE that strawberry print! Gonna make me a Rachel sized version of the skirt, we can be twins xD  bless my friend who kindly volunteered to hem my fabric. It takes a lot to hem 2 meters of fabric by hand! I'll be raging if my uni housemates aren't helpful...

And finally... I actually finished this on Monday night but I made a circle scarf/ snood thingy!

And here it is worn, it's SO warm and snuggly. Your neck would thank you :D

Available for commission in various colours. Drop me a line here > if interested!

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