Saturday, 10 November 2012

Forever Lost?

I'm back at home this weekend and have indulged in watching a bit of TVB (now with fewer adverts!) and today came across this show: 一手造成 - a show exploring the beauty of handcrafted arts.

In an era of rapid technological development, precious traditional crafts have become outdated. In the society we live in there is much thought and calculation put into efficiency and economic value. Patience is easily lost as is the ability to fully appreciate these handicrafts.
In this thirteen week series, traditional crafts in a variety of field will be rediscovered but sadly, most of them are the last of their kind.
Much focus will be put on the idea and heritage of traditional craftsmanship. All the arts were passed down from the teacher's own craft learnt through years of apprenticeship and dedication. But now everything is a matter of economy, efficiency and money-making so very few people are willing to take the time to learn these crafts which I think is a very sad reality.

I tuned into today's episode for the first time knowing from the name of the show that it was going to explore handmade crafts and I am so glad I did, I really found the crafts that I discovered/ rediscovered to be truly amazing.

Elephant Tusk Carving

Mr Leung took a five year apprenticeship to learn the art of hand carving elephant tusks to become the professional he is, his first piece being a carving on an 50 inch tusk. From his mid-20's he's been working in the field creating pieces carved in the style of shan shui paintings. When asked why, he explained that that was what he was taught from his teacher, he's carrying on what he was taught.
Elephant tusk is a hard material to work from requiring much strength to carve even when using electrical equipment developed in the 60's which soon replaced traditional techniques. it needs to be help up to the light often to see how deep the marks made are due to the translucent nature.
Ivory from elephant tusks is highly expensive and was seen to be very precious and signs of wealth but with elephant tusks being harder and harder to get hold of there is a block in the road but he says he will no retire, he will go on to carving wood or wax but is sad to see a beautiful traditional handicraft being lost.

Winter Melon Carving (Dung Kwa Jung)

Mr Tam worked in a restaurant when he wasn't able to enroll where he had wanted and took an interest in the  hand carved decorative winter melons. This became his practice.
The design is drawn onto the melon from a reference image and then carved. Much consideration must be put into the pressure as nothing can be erased once a mark is made. To achieve a beautiful design, Mr Tam points out the importance of contrast. Each of his melons are one of a kind and his designs vary. He says that portraits are the hardest since everyone is unique.
An alternative cannot be used while learning and the results can be altered by the ripeness of the melon. The riper the melon the easier to carve but the result will not be as good and sharp because it;s softer.
Sadly, there is also little appreciation for his craft. He concludes by saying 'no one wants to learn how to do this because you can't make a living.'

(photos from the TV, hopefully I can find it online so I can get better screenshots. If you have TVB I recommend giving it a watch. I seriously just learnt more about these two crafts about my course over 2 months, I PLUG this!)

It saddens me that these beautiful traditional crafts can't withstand the test of time and will be lost because of efficiency, economy and the modern lifestyle. It makes me wish that I could learn a traditional handicraft. People like Mr Leung and Mr Tam say they'd be lucky if people are even interested enough to give their work a second glance and that the practice will soon be lost but hopefully, the legacy lives on like all trends, I hope they come back into 'fashion' and are not lost forever.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Today I finally got round to doing my laundry (I wanted to build up a larger amount first since the machines are HUGE) and when I came back to load it into the dryer I found that some asshole had removed my washing and dumped it on one of the chairs and when I went to collect it from the dryer I found someone opening my dryer almost as if he was going to take my things out but thankfully he was just letting me know it was ready to take out since I went to stand outside because the little room was so packed. 
I actually feel a bit violated that someone had removed my washing though, I wouldn't mind so much if it was just my clothes but my my underwear was in there and it sickens me thinking someone has been through it.
So to whoever emptied the dryer with various pairs of underwear and the top with the mustaches on, don't do it again. I will be seriously pissed, don't make me do my washing twice because I will next time.

On a good note, I went to 88 Noodle Bar and thoroughly enjoyed my won ton noodle soup. For the size of the bowl, it was an absolute bargain at £4.20! Even though it is one of my ultimate food loves and I ALWAYS get seconds when I have this at home I found I could only just make it through 3/4 of the bowl, I felt like I was on Man V Food haha. 88 Noodle Bar, I will be back!

This time, Rachel salutes the victorious food!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The King is Back!

So recently I've been making my way through Highs and Lows 雷霆掃毒, a TVB crime drama series focusing a lot of drug trafficking Starring Micheal Miu, Raymond Lam, Elaine Ng, Ella Koon, Kate Tsui and Ben Wong.

Gordon Heung (Michael Miu), senior inspector of the Narcotics Bureau's Operations Wing, is forced to partake in illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking after a mysterious man threatened to reveal his friend's illegal money laundering if he refused. Heung's good friend and student, Senior Inspector Wai Sai-lok (Raymond Lam) of Narcotics Bureau's Intelligence Wing, begins to grow suspicious of Heung after finding some evidence that hinted at Heung's illegal activities during a drug bust. Heung's involvement with drug traffickers also gets leaked to Wai's rival, Chief Inspector Poon Hok-lai (Ben Wong) of the Operations Wing, who decides to use this chance to sever Heung and Wai's relationship. When Poon discovers that Wai had started a romance with his informant, Pat Chan (Kate Tsui), Poon gets in between their relationship and convinces Chan to leave Wai. He then indirectly exposes her to drug trafficking and consumption, and Chan eventually becomes one of the most powerful illegal drug traffickers in Hong Kong.
[From Wikipedia]

I really do wish he was paired with Ella though, I like their scenes together and they look cute together ^^ 

The last Raymond Lam series I watched was Three Kingdoms RPG [my post on Three Kingdoms RPG] and although he was likable he was pretty bring, Kenneth Ma's Wan Shun was more lovable to watch but Highs and Lows has rekindled my love for Raymond Lam, I absolutely LOVE him as Wai Sai Lok (Happy Sir)! Heck I'd get involved in narcotics if he was going to be the one to raid my place haha (just kidding, my mother would KILL me!) but really, he is such a fun, adorable character *love love love* I had forgotten how charismatic and yau ying Raymond is haha. I was once asked if I had a celebrity crush and at the time I couldn't provide an answer but now i can tell you it's most DEFINITELY Raymond! *drool* 


When revisiting his music since he sings the sub theme for Highs and Lows I found I did miss and still love his vocals. Love his songs so much ^^ oh, except 'Chok' where they tried to make it all hip hop, that was just silly, he's much better suited to ballads, and songs with meaning. Shall be investigating his new album Self Portrait fairly soonish, it might even be the first CD I buy in over six years haha

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Grab Somebody Sexy

Just having a moment where I really wanted to listen to Give Me Everything By Pitbull ft Ne-Yo and wanted to see if I could find a nice cover and I stumbled upon a lovely collection of YouTube treasures I wanted to share!

Sam Tsui | "Best Songs Mashup 2011"

I'm usually quite neutral about mashups but this was beautifully blended and he has the most amazing voice


@Pitbull - Give Me Everything ft. @NeYoCompound ♡ @Pianistmiri ♧ Piano Cover

I ADORE the piano and this really made me wish that I could still play the piano (I probably can, but not well since I've not played for about 3 years). I'd love to be able to play this song like this.


Super Junior Henry Lau Give Me Everything Tonight Cover

I was actually kind of surprised by how good this was (no offence intended ^^' I just didn't expect him to sound like that since a lot of Asian singers have accented English.

The ordering is the order I found them in, just so you know but the piano cover is my favourite ;)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Excuse me, I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight

I'm very happy to have been able to spend time with David on his birthday (6th Oct - he came to visit for the week) ^^ we've always wanted to be able to spend our birthdays together!
My presents for him haven't actually arrived as of yet which I'm still pissed off about but I did make him a cake (which didn't live long enough for photos) but I can tell you it was a chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream and Custard Creams ^^ as well as other little gifts.

I missed him so much when I had t go in for my classes. I felt bad for leaving him all alone in my room. Bless him, he'd been 'sooo busy!' having spent the time snuggling in my bed, watching videos on youtube and various series and making himself look pretty. Being a Wifey is SUCH hard work! 

Did a trip to Spoons on Monday where Wifey discovered how beautiful the chips from there are.We also went out on Monday night to Camel with my flatmate and friend. It was an interesting night that didn't quite go as me and my boyfriend thought (we thought we'd all roll back to the flat absolutely wasted haha). Clubbing really isn't his kind of thing and I don't think it's quite grown on me yet either, I think I had more fun messing around back at the flat with the few pre-drinks and silly photos ^^'

Aren't we all just SO attractive xD
(Actually Wifey, you don look rather attractive in the first one ^^')

Everyone was wearing glasses, I no longer feel left out!


We didn't do a lot of drinking, we had 2 Blow Jobs (the shots xD) and 2/3 vodka and cokes(?) which be bought me bless him ^^ so there was no drunk or tipsy Rachel, there was some random old guy in there o___o and me and Wifey did some smexy dancing to Give Me Everything (lol, smexy dancing...I can't dance for shit but apparently he thought I looked seductive!). That was probably the most memorable song of the night. It's our song now to mark the first time we've been out together in a club!

So yeah, this is my favourite week up in Huddersfield so far! Even the crappy days like Monday afternoon didn't feel so bad since I knew he'd be there when I got back so we could just snuggle ^^ I loved my life
On the side, he was right, I lost the tea addiction that week, I only remember having about 2 cups of tea over the week he was here.
David, I miss you. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

FINALLY a Good day!

Ohmahgawd...I have spent SO, SO MUCH of this week hating uni it's unbelievable! 'I hate my life' has actually become my little catchphrase, I should probably get it patented so no one can steal it :p
But anyway, today things finally changed and I enjoyed today! I was in 9:15am to 5:15pm but although today was a long day it has been the best day so far and to think I was dreading it!
Today was spent in the print and dye workshop. I was so happy to FINALLY be touching fabrics and so, so happy to be screen printing even though I hate washing up. I panicked a little bit as my purple pigment had started to stain the screen and was quite pissed off by the person behind me who made the snarky comment of 'oh have you never screen printed before'. I was just concerned about the strength of the pigment and about the screen but sir, you are rude!

Loved this print on this particular material. I wish I knew what it was called, I just know it kind of feels like a bandage, but thicker.

This has about three layers of prints on it but what I really love is how the fibres have stretched and how the photograph has captured that ^^

Felt like a right wifey when I went to Sainsbury today, he's coming over tomorrow *so excited* and can be hard to feed sometimes so i bought 'back up food' in case he really doesn't like what I've cooked, can't let him starve! I didn't think I bought that much stuff but it turned out nearly spent £15! I even had to put back the Willow Story mug. I remembered David's Grandma's one and really wanted it when I saw it even though I already have three mugs including the glass one and three tea cups.

Adding to the wifeyness was the cooking, I made myself quite the meal tonight.
One day I'm going to be such a cute little waifu! (But good god, not Mr Yan's!!! D:)

Stir fried chicken with red pepper and potatoes and lettuce with boiled rice. 
I remember that diet of light stir fries and steamed foods that I had after my eye operation and the wonders it did for my weight and figure so I'm going to try my best to do that again!

FINALLY (gotta stress all the finallys) got round to getting my flatmate Niamey to try on my blonde wig xD it was odd at first but then it did look quite nice on her and made us think of Niki Minaj but bless her, she felt like a tranny apparently ^^'

Scott also tried it on with scary results haha - I'm sure he'd make a pretty girl xD

I also HAD to try it on and started liking it too much and didn't really want to take it off haha

And FINALLY, thank you Frankie for being there for me when I was really hating my life last night and giving me advice and support, I really appreciate it! And from now on, let's hope I just keep loving my life!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Heeeey~~~~ Sexy Lady~~~

Ah, I've been listening to so much Gangnam Style, it never gets old xD

Was woken up by the maintenance man this morning (about 10:40ish) which I can't say I was thrilled about ¬¬ BUT...on the bright side, my shower plug hole works like a charm now! :D No more standing in a pool of water after showering!
He thought I had a Liverpool accent which was kind of weird... @__@
(I later asked my flatmate and his friend, they'd have thought I was from London if they didn't know)
So...while listening to Gangnam Style and a shed load of 4 Minute I FINALLY got round to making that navy skirt that I'd cut the parts out for and here it is in it's navy blue glory <3

(sorry it had to be my en suite but it was the brightest place)
It's my first time making a half elasticated skirt so some of the stitching on the waistband is a bit iffy in places ^^' 
The brooch was later added (and also hides a slip up haha)

This lace is to DIE for it's THAT pretty *o*

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ooo, Crafty!

Got a little bit crafty and DIY-y today! I was given an old boobtube dress by my cousins and it wasn't particularly flattering on me when I tried it on a while ago and I had thought about turning it into an apron and today it FINALLY happened

Doesn't it make an adorable little half apron? 

I also decided once nad for all that one of my matchboxes for uni is finished. (We were asked to take 2 matchboxes and fill one with things/ doodles/ whatever you liked with things that tell people soemthing about you, what inspires you, your interests, etc and the other is to represent your alter eg or fantasy you. Well I don't really have an 'alter ego' so I made a lolita box *o*

(Please view full size)
I have SO many dream dresses, these are only soem of them <3
I'm actually getting a REPLICA (yeah I said the forbidden word!) of the tarten Baby the Stars Shine Bright JSK and hopefully at one point I'll get round to making my Midsummer Nights Dream skirt with the REPLICA fabric I bought a few months ago but the lace will have to be different but I did find a craft/ fabric shop today with soem gorgeous trims so I'm sure I'll find something pretty!

This box is meant to be the 'me box'. i think the most important thing in this box is the pillow - I LOVE to sleep haha xD
I'm not sure if I want to put anything in that does look rather empty but at the same time I like how you can see the abstract bottom of the box.
Heck I hope I get to write an artist's statement to explain these... @__@

Hopefully seeing Grace (Naka's Net) soon! She's going to cook for me ^^
Also, my friend Emma got her dream dress - Dance of the Black Cats! I'm so happy for her, she's wanted it for AGES!

Oh End of Immortal Eden...I NEED to own you *sigh*

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A New Place

Yesterday I officially moved into my uni flat in Huddersfield *bye bye home*
It did feel pretty lonely being in my room all by myself last night. The mattress also wasn't particularly comfortable but I think I'll get used to it with time eh. 
Today I pretty much sorted nearly all my stuff out. Just a few odd bits and bobs left to organise.
I also went shopping and exploring today and sadly it rained :(
A few essentials still had to be bought. I devised a budget before I moved and I don't think I've done too badly! I bought a bin (£1.99), laundry basket (£1.90), scales (£5), a ramekin (£1 - will be used as a rice measuring cup) and some make up wipes (£1) so overall I was only 89p over budget :D 
I also found a little oriental food shop and poked my head in to have a nosy. I can't believe such a little shop sells tea leaves to weigh and glass tea pots! Glass friggin tea pots! (I've always wanted one). The owner who is Malaysian asked me if I was an international student like the people who were in the shop before and I told her I was born in the UK and that I'm more like a gwai mui in a way xD She went on to express how she was amazed by international students who barely speak English. I too am amazed!


A series of snapshots of my room. I hope it stays tidy ^^' 
This evening/ tonight has pretty much be spent unpacking, listening to Gangnam Style on loop and drinking Ginseng Tea - I am SUCH a wild student haha!
I also need to buy more Sailor Moon manga when I get round to it...

* Gwai mui is a Cantonese term meaning a Caucasian girl

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What a Year!

Woah there...feels like it took forever for this day to happen but me and Wifey made it to one year :D
This has been the happiest 12 months of my life so thank you for making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world! David, you were definitely worth the 4 year wait!
 Here's to the many great times to go!

One of my favourite photos of us from around Easter ^^

Happy one year anniversary David!


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rove You Rong Time!

Finally got round to telling you guys about my little summer adventures in August!!
So I didn't actually do anything exciting and definitely didn't stick to my initial plan of slowly moving things home since I finished art college back in June. ^^'
So on 10th August David came over for a few days and we did the usual - eat, drink, sleep, snuggle and the like. But since we do very little, we were determined to do things since it will be the last time he visits me in Middlesbrough.
My sister came up to properly meet David and she got to see his fun, silly side ^^ he just thought she was weird haha, I agree xD
We soon ventured to the Tea House (that's probably the almost time we'll be there least for a long time anyway ;__;) and he actually had a cup of tea that he did like, there's was just too much of it for him - can't blame him, he's not a tea lover (it was strawberry and kiwi by the way) but then the icing was put on the cake when we were joined by a few other friends. I still remember the first time we were there back in January when my sister and our friend Steph joined us, he was painfully shy bless him but he seemed pretty ok that day, I must have broken him already haha. 
SIDE NOTE: Carli, that Caramac Cake was GORGEOUS! It was well worth the wait!

He laughed at Redcar beach but if I'm honest, it really has nothing on the beach at Port Stewart ^^' We strolled along the beach for a while and it was SO windy resulting in us both getting really windsswept (I never knew how far the beach went along the coast O___O)  the donkey rides tickled him too - I'm guessing they don't have those over in Ireland? They also don't have lemon top ice creams and they are FANTASTIC so we had to go get some!
(Lol, here's the first photo on my blog of us together and we're both windswept...fantastic)

On this day we had meant to go to York but missed 2 trains. #1 because of the bus and #2 because of the woman who took like 10 minutes to get the bill to us at Pizza Hut. However, we still wanted to go somewhere so while browsing upcoming departures we decided to go to Saltburn and it was a LOT more scenic than Redcar haha and had an amazing pier. I didn't remember it until I saw it but I finally saw all those crazy knitted things along the pier! Apparently they just popped up overnight one at a time. There was a Golden Jubilee collection and an Olympics collection. It was rather impressive!
We also watched the Olympics closing ceremony - it had nothing on the opening ceremony.

On Tuesday we flew back to Ireland together - I really love this travel buddy ^^
He had to go into work a lot of the days so it was my turn to play wifey or at least I felt like wifey. Getting up, cooking, laundry and generally waiting for him to get home...I may as well have been all See Lai and gone 'honeeey, you hoooome!' as soon as he walked in. I don't ever want to be a house wife... it's boring and know where EVERYTHING in his kitchen is!
Oh and he picked up one of my most commonly used Cantonese phrases 'see dan ah'  which basically means whatever or I don't mind, it sounds so cute in his Irish accent >w<
 But when we did get up to the north coast it was pretty nice. We went to Port Stewart again, Portrush and somewhere where I went across a road bridge. I'm scared of heights but I wanted to have the experience - now I can say I did it!! :D

Then we went to Scotland for his friend's wedding. I won't go too much into that because this blog post is getting REALLLLLY long @___@  but it was my first experience of a Christian wedding and it was interesting but it didn't strike any chords with me. 

Now I knew I said I wouldn't buy more lolita until I moved into Huddersfield but going to a wedding was a good excuse and I LOVE this dress!!! Aren't we pretty haha xD 
I don't know if anyone's interested but I'm used to doing this with outfit posts so...
Suit: River Island
Tie: River Island
Shirt: River Island
(someone has a favourite shop :p)
JSK: Bodyline

When we got back to England we FINALLY went to York! o^^o
We went to Costa and saw a GIANT custard cream that we had to get. Here's wifey showing demonstrating how big it is. He finally shows his pretty face on my blog and he's EVERYWHERE hahaha xD


Oh, and since I was in Ireland I started speaking Engrish a lot with my favourites and most commonly said being 'herro', 'rove you rong time' and 'rearry'. Now before accusations come flying, I'm not taking the piss or mocking or being stereotypical of Asians sometimes making R's sound like L's and vice versa, I'm Asian too and I just love the way it sounds >w<

Hope everyone else had a good summer!!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Heart Attacks

It's official, I've taken up knitting...AGAIN! :D
I first learnt to knit when I was in single digits, probably about 7 or 8 when y auntie always used to knit but I was never good at it and always ended dropping stitches so I gave up and decided I no longer wanted to play ^^'
When I saw Grace's Batman jumper I decided I wanted to knit one too...

Today I met up with Grace at the wool shop by the station (the woman was so nice!) and picked up our bundles of wool and she taught me to knit once we got to the Tea House and ordered some Japanese Green Cherry tea to share, cake was later ordered to reward ourselves  *___*
I learnt 2 ways to cast on and found that I much preferred the first way with the looping and by now I can actually do it fairly quickly though not half as quickly as Grace ^^' (of course!)
She taught me garter stitch, casting off, stocking stitch and casting off in purl, rib and how to tackle those little loops I kept picking up. (Funny considering I used to get frustrated because of dropping stitches, now I'm picking them up.)
In the end I ended up with 3 beautiful pieces of false facial fluff xD

I don't look pleased ^^'

So tonight I made a start on the jumper and started nosying at the pattern. 5 rows in and I was so pleased, I hadn't dropped a stitch nor had a picked up a loop yet and it wasn't all holey! 8 rows in and ohmygod I had a heart attack. I didn't even know for sure if I was doing stocking stitch right O__O
I need to stop doing that to actually said at the bottom of the page that stocking stitch was 1 row K, 1 row P, etc -___-

Oh everyone know I've a dude...

I'd keep wearing my mustache if id didn't tickle after a while ^^' but I'm having a lot of fun right now, thank you Grace!!

Monday, 6 August 2012


Apparently a lot of people in Hong Kong either pretend they can speak Mandarin or wish they can. I've never particularly cared about whether or not I can speak Mandarin but I do wish I could fluently read and write Chinese.
BUT...since Ghetto Justice 2 started on TVB I was like 'omg they're using the old theme song!!' (It's No Time to Regret by Hanjin Tan and M.C. Jin for anyone who's interested.)
 It's a strangely catchy tune but sadly I just 'duh duh duh' to the tune until the bits I can sing come along which are pretty much 'yeah yeah' and 'so what' along with the odd bit of Catonese xD

P.s. Law Ba, I love you!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Three Kingdoms RPG - What ARE You Saying?!

So I've been watching TVB's latest ancient drama series Three Kingdoms RPG (回到三國) for a while now and I've decided that I like this version very much so despite being a bit miffed that they redid the drama after I'd seen the trailer for the original but homina, homina! Raymond Lam the King of 'chok' is here *___*

Official poster 

I was quite interesting to watch it as a lot of films including Red Cliff have given me an image of the Three Kingdoms period and key bits of history so it will be interesting to see how TVB does that scene where Lau Bei 'borrows' arrows from Cao Cao. BUT...that's not the best part of the series, the best part is Kenneth Ma's (Wan Sun) use of Cantonese slang used in Hong Kong...

My favourites xD
Chok - to appear sexy or handsome (used various times by Kenneth to describe Raymond Lam's character)
Sok - sexy 
Sei Bat Por - bitch (used by Kenneth to describe Madam Choi)
Kai - someone who is mad/ crazy (my friend's called Kai O__O)
P.K. (Puk Gai) - drop dead. More commonly used to called someone a prick or bastard. all time favourite is 'Chiu Siu' (blow water) meaning to bullshit ;D

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Specialities of a Fatty-Chan

Did another trip to York today and oh my, t'was finally a case of being in the right place at the right time and good god that NEVER happens! O__O

There were random people giving out FREE ice tea O___O
I feel like we've robbed them but as if it's free it's hard to and stupid to resist ^^'

We went into BHS to do food and god there was a lot of food 

My 8 piece breakfast (chips not shown) & Natalie's 10 piece breakfast 
This is usually WAY too much for me at 10:30am and too much for Natalie anyway but omg bacon so we exercised 'The Specialities of a Fatty-Chan'.

The Speicalities of a Fatty-Chan
* Looks that are unsuspcious
* A stomach with an expansion setting
* A mouth that can eat more and more and MORE!
* The ability to surprise and amaze people with the amount you can actually eat.

And of course...can't go to York and not get any Bubble Tea :D

Lychee Green Tea (lychee and passion fruit poppings), Original Milk Tea (Topioca), Passion Fruit Green Tea (lychee poppings) & Original Milk Tea (Topioca)

What's your favourite flavour of Bubble Tea?

Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Frills of July

Knowing that I'm moving away soon (bye bye local Petticoat Mafia ;___; ) I wanted to get some frilly action into this summer so I've done a couple of loli meets ^^

(This one's actually from June but I wanted to include it here since i forgot to put it in June's round up) 
Cutsew - Primark
JSK - Bodyline
OTKs - Primark
Shoes - F+F @ Tesco
(Those shoes may be pretty but they hurt my feet like hell T__T)

Here comes the real first meet of July ^^'
Pretty picture of us ^^ some idiots were sat opposite trying to hit people with their little gun thingys, as if they'd have managed to get through the poof! Dumbasses!
Photos from the same day taken from Grace's blog here > [Hello Naka]

JSK- Bodyline (I love this dress so, so much)
Cardi - Primark
OTKs - Freebie
Shoes - F+F @ Tesco (Those beautiful devil shoes again @__@ )

And the most recent adventures of the Petticoat Mafia xD
A day of Teahousing (there was a lot of Teddy Bear Tea), Maccy D-ing and general derping xD
Oh the beautiful derping! 
 Gonna miss you lot so, so much when I move ;___;

Bow - handmade
Cardi - M&S (not really part of the outfit, it was worn for warmth xD )
Cutsew - Primark (cannot stress how much I love this!)
Skirt - DOL: Cat in the Window  (I have no shame in saying I LOVE this skirt!!!)
Socks - freebies
Shoes - eBay (Thank you wifey ^^)

While still on the subject of frills, EGL announced a ban on selling and buying replicas within the community so now I just want to share my opinion on replicas.
(Come at me brand whores!)
Yeah that's right! I even have a list of replicas I want to commission from Oo Jia!
Let's face it, as much as I'd like to own the real Night of Masquerade, Scent of Rapunzel, Midsummer Nights Dream etc, I will probably never be able to afford them. So why get a job and save up you might wonder? 
1# I feel guilty when I buy too many things in the sales, what makes you think I won't be as guilty as hell if I spent my hard earned cash on one dress?
2# Sizing. This doesn't necessarily apply to me but in some cases you just can't find your dream dress in your size. Brands only carry certain sizes and just because you don't fall into those brackets shouldn't be able to you dream dress, even if it isn't the real thing. I like a dress for the dress itself, I don't mind if it's not the real thing - I ADORE my Cat in the Window REPLICA! 
3# Rare prints/ prints that are not longer released. So you missed out on the real thing, and you can't get it second hand either because no one wants to part with it or you find it but it's so expensive you can't afford it- I'd happily have a replica
Please STOP saying that it's ripping the brands off, they wouldn't have made that money anyway because they either only released that many of the item or didn't make it in those sizes anyway - everyone should be able to feel like a princess, don't give them shit because they wear replicas and don't hate on Oo Jia/ Dream of Lolita for helping us get our dream dresses

Stay happy and frilly and remember that after the print has been out for 3 years a replica is more than OK unless it has the brand's name or logo on it in England!

Friday, 27 July 2012

June Round-Up @__@

I can't think of an excuse for the lack of blogging but since we're coming to the end of July I'm FINALLY going to do a round up of all the significant bits and bobs of June ^^'

Firstly, I finished my course (YAY!) Seriously, this year has been such a nightmare T___T
So I spent 3 days manning the final exhibition at CCAD. On the second day there was a dead fox sitting opposite was scary and DEFINITELY wasn't there the day before!

(Day #1: cardi - New Look, dress - Dorothy Perkins, bag - Primark, shoes - F+F ~~~ Day #2: dress - Primark, bag & cardi - same as before ~~~ Day #3: cardi - M&S, top - New Look, skirt - handmade, shoes - eBay, bag - same as before.)
 I for some reason took the opportunity to have a play with my wardrobe to sit around and look pretty

I finally got a sewing machine as well and I really do want to just make everything xD
So far I've made 2 skirts and a pair of bloomers.

I also turned 19 on the 15th (Happy Birthday to me!) so thank you to everyone who sent me a card/ presents *heart*
Got lots of lovely bits and bobs including a cupcake teacup/tea pot, money, perfume, notebooks and the Wifey got me my first brand dress, a back x white old school Angelic Pretty JSK - it's so beautiful!

I also did Nemacon in Middlesbroughon 23rd and 24th, it was a fun experience being on the other side of the table for a change (means less money spent too ;D)
Picture taken by my friend Michael (and that's the dress by the way although looking back now, I wish I didn't wear it with my Anna House blouse...)
My pretty table and Sir Orange (he has a monocle and a 'tash, must be a Sir!)  

The highlights of MY Nemacon:
* Mr Huy 'Pwanda' Truong (I love Pwanda so much ^^) - he is such an inspiration!
* The FREE tea xD
* Everyone who commissioned me and bought my babies - you guys make my work feel appreciated!
* The lolita bring & buy sale - loved the brilliant prices and being able to try before you buy!
* Sammy's 'Technical Dancing' xD
* The banter along Artist's Alley
* Sonia Leong - that woman never stops being fabulous and beautiful <3
(There were probably many more highlights that I can't quite remember ^^')

It went surprisingly well, made over £120 over the weekend which I thought was amazing for a virtually unknown artist and the parents always say I can't make money sitting on my ass but you know what, I did. Seems I can make money and do something I enjoy
AND wear lolita so HA! The only thing is that they're not really frequent enough to say 'I do cons for a living!' but I do love it <3