Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Frills of July

Knowing that I'm moving away soon (bye bye local Petticoat Mafia ;___; ) I wanted to get some frilly action into this summer so I've done a couple of loli meets ^^

(This one's actually from June but I wanted to include it here since i forgot to put it in June's round up) 
Cutsew - Primark
JSK - Bodyline
OTKs - Primark
Shoes - F+F @ Tesco
(Those shoes may be pretty but they hurt my feet like hell T__T)

Here comes the real first meet of July ^^'
Pretty picture of us ^^ some idiots were sat opposite trying to hit people with their little gun thingys, as if they'd have managed to get through the poof! Dumbasses!
Photos from the same day taken from Grace's blog here > [Hello Naka]

JSK- Bodyline (I love this dress so, so much)
Cardi - Primark
OTKs - Freebie
Shoes - F+F @ Tesco (Those beautiful devil shoes again @__@ )

And the most recent adventures of the Petticoat Mafia xD
A day of Teahousing (there was a lot of Teddy Bear Tea), Maccy D-ing and general derping xD
Oh the beautiful derping! 
 Gonna miss you lot so, so much when I move ;___;

Bow - handmade
Cardi - M&S (not really part of the outfit, it was worn for warmth xD )
Cutsew - Primark (cannot stress how much I love this!)
Skirt - DOL: Cat in the Window  (I have no shame in saying I LOVE this skirt!!!)
Socks - freebies
Shoes - eBay (Thank you wifey ^^)

While still on the subject of frills, EGL announced a ban on selling and buying replicas within the community so now I just want to share my opinion on replicas.
(Come at me brand whores!)
Yeah that's right! I even have a list of replicas I want to commission from Oo Jia!
Let's face it, as much as I'd like to own the real Night of Masquerade, Scent of Rapunzel, Midsummer Nights Dream etc, I will probably never be able to afford them. So why get a job and save up you might wonder? 
1# I feel guilty when I buy too many things in the sales, what makes you think I won't be as guilty as hell if I spent my hard earned cash on one dress?
2# Sizing. This doesn't necessarily apply to me but in some cases you just can't find your dream dress in your size. Brands only carry certain sizes and just because you don't fall into those brackets shouldn't be able to you dream dress, even if it isn't the real thing. I like a dress for the dress itself, I don't mind if it's not the real thing - I ADORE my Cat in the Window REPLICA! 
3# Rare prints/ prints that are not longer released. So you missed out on the real thing, and you can't get it second hand either because no one wants to part with it or you find it but it's so expensive you can't afford it- I'd happily have a replica
Please STOP saying that it's ripping the brands off, they wouldn't have made that money anyway because they either only released that many of the item or didn't make it in those sizes anyway - everyone should be able to feel like a princess, don't give them shit because they wear replicas and don't hate on Oo Jia/ Dream of Lolita for helping us get our dream dresses

Stay happy and frilly and remember that after the print has been out for 3 years a replica is more than OK unless it has the brand's name or logo on it in England!

Friday, 27 July 2012

June Round-Up @__@

I can't think of an excuse for the lack of blogging but since we're coming to the end of July I'm FINALLY going to do a round up of all the significant bits and bobs of June ^^'

Firstly, I finished my course (YAY!) Seriously, this year has been such a nightmare T___T
So I spent 3 days manning the final exhibition at CCAD. On the second day there was a dead fox sitting opposite was scary and DEFINITELY wasn't there the day before!

(Day #1: cardi - New Look, dress - Dorothy Perkins, bag - Primark, shoes - F+F ~~~ Day #2: dress - Primark, bag & cardi - same as before ~~~ Day #3: cardi - M&S, top - New Look, skirt - handmade, shoes - eBay, bag - same as before.)
 I for some reason took the opportunity to have a play with my wardrobe to sit around and look pretty

I finally got a sewing machine as well and I really do want to just make everything xD
So far I've made 2 skirts and a pair of bloomers.

I also turned 19 on the 15th (Happy Birthday to me!) so thank you to everyone who sent me a card/ presents *heart*
Got lots of lovely bits and bobs including a cupcake teacup/tea pot, money, perfume, notebooks and the Wifey got me my first brand dress, a back x white old school Angelic Pretty JSK - it's so beautiful!

I also did Nemacon in Middlesbroughon 23rd and 24th, it was a fun experience being on the other side of the table for a change (means less money spent too ;D)
Picture taken by my friend Michael (and that's the dress by the way although looking back now, I wish I didn't wear it with my Anna House blouse...)
My pretty table and Sir Orange (he has a monocle and a 'tash, must be a Sir!)  

The highlights of MY Nemacon:
* Mr Huy 'Pwanda' Truong (I love Pwanda so much ^^) - he is such an inspiration!
* The FREE tea xD
* Everyone who commissioned me and bought my babies - you guys make my work feel appreciated!
* The lolita bring & buy sale - loved the brilliant prices and being able to try before you buy!
* Sammy's 'Technical Dancing' xD
* The banter along Artist's Alley
* Sonia Leong - that woman never stops being fabulous and beautiful <3
(There were probably many more highlights that I can't quite remember ^^')

It went surprisingly well, made over £120 over the weekend which I thought was amazing for a virtually unknown artist and the parents always say I can't make money sitting on my ass but you know what, I did. Seems I can make money and do something I enjoy
AND wear lolita so HA! The only thing is that they're not really frequent enough to say 'I do cons for a living!' but I do love it <3