Friday, 27 July 2012

June Round-Up @__@

I can't think of an excuse for the lack of blogging but since we're coming to the end of July I'm FINALLY going to do a round up of all the significant bits and bobs of June ^^'

Firstly, I finished my course (YAY!) Seriously, this year has been such a nightmare T___T
So I spent 3 days manning the final exhibition at CCAD. On the second day there was a dead fox sitting opposite was scary and DEFINITELY wasn't there the day before!

(Day #1: cardi - New Look, dress - Dorothy Perkins, bag - Primark, shoes - F+F ~~~ Day #2: dress - Primark, bag & cardi - same as before ~~~ Day #3: cardi - M&S, top - New Look, skirt - handmade, shoes - eBay, bag - same as before.)
 I for some reason took the opportunity to have a play with my wardrobe to sit around and look pretty

I finally got a sewing machine as well and I really do want to just make everything xD
So far I've made 2 skirts and a pair of bloomers.

I also turned 19 on the 15th (Happy Birthday to me!) so thank you to everyone who sent me a card/ presents *heart*
Got lots of lovely bits and bobs including a cupcake teacup/tea pot, money, perfume, notebooks and the Wifey got me my first brand dress, a back x white old school Angelic Pretty JSK - it's so beautiful!

I also did Nemacon in Middlesbroughon 23rd and 24th, it was a fun experience being on the other side of the table for a change (means less money spent too ;D)
Picture taken by my friend Michael (and that's the dress by the way although looking back now, I wish I didn't wear it with my Anna House blouse...)
My pretty table and Sir Orange (he has a monocle and a 'tash, must be a Sir!)  

The highlights of MY Nemacon:
* Mr Huy 'Pwanda' Truong (I love Pwanda so much ^^) - he is such an inspiration!
* The FREE tea xD
* Everyone who commissioned me and bought my babies - you guys make my work feel appreciated!
* The lolita bring & buy sale - loved the brilliant prices and being able to try before you buy!
* Sammy's 'Technical Dancing' xD
* The banter along Artist's Alley
* Sonia Leong - that woman never stops being fabulous and beautiful <3
(There were probably many more highlights that I can't quite remember ^^')

It went surprisingly well, made over £120 over the weekend which I thought was amazing for a virtually unknown artist and the parents always say I can't make money sitting on my ass but you know what, I did. Seems I can make money and do something I enjoy
AND wear lolita so HA! The only thing is that they're not really frequent enough to say 'I do cons for a living!' but I do love it <3

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