Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Rove You Rong Time!

Finally got round to telling you guys about my little summer adventures in August!!
So I didn't actually do anything exciting and definitely didn't stick to my initial plan of slowly moving things home since I finished art college back in June. ^^'
So on 10th August David came over for a few days and we did the usual - eat, drink, sleep, snuggle and the like. But since we do very little, we were determined to do things since it will be the last time he visits me in Middlesbrough.
My sister came up to properly meet David and she got to see his fun, silly side ^^ he just thought she was weird haha, I agree xD
We soon ventured to the Tea House (that's probably the almost time we'll be there together...at least for a long time anyway ;__;) and he actually had a cup of tea that he did like, there's was just too much of it for him - can't blame him, he's not a tea lover (it was strawberry and kiwi by the way) but then the icing was put on the cake when we were joined by a few other friends. I still remember the first time we were there back in January when my sister and our friend Steph joined us, he was painfully shy bless him but he seemed pretty ok that day, I must have broken him already haha. 
SIDE NOTE: Carli, that Caramac Cake was GORGEOUS! It was well worth the wait!

He laughed at Redcar beach but if I'm honest, it really has nothing on the beach at Port Stewart ^^' We strolled along the beach for a while and it was SO windy resulting in us both getting really windsswept (I never knew how far the beach went along the coast O___O)  the donkey rides tickled him too - I'm guessing they don't have those over in Ireland? They also don't have lemon top ice creams and they are FANTASTIC so we had to go get some!
(Lol, here's the first photo on my blog of us together and we're both windswept...fantastic)

On this day we had meant to go to York but missed 2 trains. #1 because of the bus and #2 because of the woman who took like 10 minutes to get the bill to us at Pizza Hut. However, we still wanted to go somewhere so while browsing upcoming departures we decided to go to Saltburn and it was a LOT more scenic than Redcar haha and had an amazing pier. I didn't remember it until I saw it but I finally saw all those crazy knitted things along the pier! Apparently they just popped up overnight one at a time. There was a Golden Jubilee collection and an Olympics collection. It was rather impressive!
We also watched the Olympics closing ceremony - it had nothing on the opening ceremony.

On Tuesday we flew back to Ireland together - I really love this travel buddy ^^
He had to go into work a lot of the days so it was my turn to play wifey or at least I felt like wifey. Getting up, cooking, laundry and generally waiting for him to get home...I may as well have been all See Lai and gone 'honeeey, you hoooome!' as soon as he walked in. I don't ever want to be a house wife... it's boring and know where EVERYTHING in his kitchen is!
Oh and he picked up one of my most commonly used Cantonese phrases 'see dan ah'  which basically means whatever or I don't mind, it sounds so cute in his Irish accent >w<
 But when we did get up to the north coast it was pretty nice. We went to Port Stewart again, Portrush and somewhere where I went across a road bridge. I'm scared of heights but I wanted to have the experience - now I can say I did it!! :D

Then we went to Scotland for his friend's wedding. I won't go too much into that because this blog post is getting REALLLLLY long @___@  but it was my first experience of a Christian wedding and it was interesting but it didn't strike any chords with me. 

Now I knew I said I wouldn't buy more lolita until I moved into Huddersfield but going to a wedding was a good excuse and I LOVE this dress!!! Aren't we pretty haha xD 
I don't know if anyone's interested but I'm used to doing this with outfit posts so...
Suit: River Island
Tie: River Island
Shirt: River Island
(someone has a favourite shop :p)
JSK: Bodyline

When we got back to England we FINALLY went to York! o^^o
We went to Costa and saw a GIANT custard cream that we had to get. Here's wifey showing demonstrating how big it is. He finally shows his pretty face on my blog and he's EVERYWHERE hahaha xD


Oh, and since I was in Ireland I started speaking Engrish a lot with my favourites and most commonly said being 'herro', 'rove you rong time' and 'rearry'. Now before accusations come flying, I'm not taking the piss or mocking or being stereotypical of Asians sometimes making R's sound like L's and vice versa, I'm Asian too and I just love the way it sounds >w<

Hope everyone else had a good summer!!!

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