Friday, 3 August 2012

The Specialities of a Fatty-Chan

Did another trip to York today and oh my, t'was finally a case of being in the right place at the right time and good god that NEVER happens! O__O

There were random people giving out FREE ice tea O___O
I feel like we've robbed them but as if it's free it's hard to and stupid to resist ^^'

We went into BHS to do food and god there was a lot of food 

My 8 piece breakfast (chips not shown) & Natalie's 10 piece breakfast 
This is usually WAY too much for me at 10:30am and too much for Natalie anyway but omg bacon so we exercised 'The Specialities of a Fatty-Chan'.

The Speicalities of a Fatty-Chan
* Looks that are unsuspcious
* A stomach with an expansion setting
* A mouth that can eat more and more and MORE!
* The ability to surprise and amaze people with the amount you can actually eat.

And of course...can't go to York and not get any Bubble Tea :D

Lychee Green Tea (lychee and passion fruit poppings), Original Milk Tea (Topioca), Passion Fruit Green Tea (lychee poppings) & Original Milk Tea (Topioca)

What's your favourite flavour of Bubble Tea?


  1. omg i went to the same bubble tea shop :3 how come u went to york? *noseys* i wish i got free ice tea :(

  2. Gotta love that Lipton stuff eh? We should go together some time :3