Saturday, 4 August 2012

Three Kingdoms RPG - What ARE You Saying?!

So I've been watching TVB's latest ancient drama series Three Kingdoms RPG (回到三國) for a while now and I've decided that I like this version very much so despite being a bit miffed that they redid the drama after I'd seen the trailer for the original but homina, homina! Raymond Lam the King of 'chok' is here *___*

Official poster 

I was quite interesting to watch it as a lot of films including Red Cliff have given me an image of the Three Kingdoms period and key bits of history so it will be interesting to see how TVB does that scene where Lau Bei 'borrows' arrows from Cao Cao. BUT...that's not the best part of the series, the best part is Kenneth Ma's (Wan Sun) use of Cantonese slang used in Hong Kong...

My favourites xD
Chok - to appear sexy or handsome (used various times by Kenneth to describe Raymond Lam's character)
Sok - sexy 
Sei Bat Por - bitch (used by Kenneth to describe Madam Choi)
Kai - someone who is mad/ crazy (my friend's called Kai O__O)
P.K. (Puk Gai) - drop dead. More commonly used to called someone a prick or bastard. all time favourite is 'Chiu Siu' (blow water) meaning to bullshit ;D

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