Monday, 6 August 2012


Apparently a lot of people in Hong Kong either pretend they can speak Mandarin or wish they can. I've never particularly cared about whether or not I can speak Mandarin but I do wish I could fluently read and write Chinese.
BUT...since Ghetto Justice 2 started on TVB I was like 'omg they're using the old theme song!!' (It's No Time to Regret by Hanjin Tan and M.C. Jin for anyone who's interested.)
 It's a strangely catchy tune but sadly I just 'duh duh duh' to the tune until the bits I can sing come along which are pretty much 'yeah yeah' and 'so what' along with the odd bit of Catonese xD

P.s. Law Ba, I love you!


  1. i wish i could speak cantonese so badly, its so awkward just being able to understand XD

  2. See I always thought you spoke Cantonese for some reason, so what is your first language?