Friday, 14 September 2012

Heeeey~~~~ Sexy Lady~~~

Ah, I've been listening to so much Gangnam Style, it never gets old xD

Was woken up by the maintenance man this morning (about 10:40ish) which I can't say I was thrilled about ¬¬ BUT...on the bright side, my shower plug hole works like a charm now! :D No more standing in a pool of water after showering!
He thought I had a Liverpool accent which was kind of weird... @__@
(I later asked my flatmate and his friend, they'd have thought I was from London if they didn't know)
So...while listening to Gangnam Style and a shed load of 4 Minute I FINALLY got round to making that navy skirt that I'd cut the parts out for and here it is in it's navy blue glory <3

(sorry it had to be my en suite but it was the brightest place)
It's my first time making a half elasticated skirt so some of the stitching on the waistband is a bit iffy in places ^^' 
The brooch was later added (and also hides a slip up haha)

This lace is to DIE for it's THAT pretty *o*

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ooo, Crafty!

Got a little bit crafty and DIY-y today! I was given an old boobtube dress by my cousins and it wasn't particularly flattering on me when I tried it on a while ago and I had thought about turning it into an apron and today it FINALLY happened

Doesn't it make an adorable little half apron? 

I also decided once nad for all that one of my matchboxes for uni is finished. (We were asked to take 2 matchboxes and fill one with things/ doodles/ whatever you liked with things that tell people soemthing about you, what inspires you, your interests, etc and the other is to represent your alter eg or fantasy you. Well I don't really have an 'alter ego' so I made a lolita box *o*

(Please view full size)
I have SO many dream dresses, these are only soem of them <3
I'm actually getting a REPLICA (yeah I said the forbidden word!) of the tarten Baby the Stars Shine Bright JSK and hopefully at one point I'll get round to making my Midsummer Nights Dream skirt with the REPLICA fabric I bought a few months ago but the lace will have to be different but I did find a craft/ fabric shop today with soem gorgeous trims so I'm sure I'll find something pretty!

This box is meant to be the 'me box'. i think the most important thing in this box is the pillow - I LOVE to sleep haha xD
I'm not sure if I want to put anything in that does look rather empty but at the same time I like how you can see the abstract bottom of the box.
Heck I hope I get to write an artist's statement to explain these... @__@

Hopefully seeing Grace (Naka's Net) soon! She's going to cook for me ^^
Also, my friend Emma got her dream dress - Dance of the Black Cats! I'm so happy for her, she's wanted it for AGES!

Oh End of Immortal Eden...I NEED to own you *sigh*

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A New Place

Yesterday I officially moved into my uni flat in Huddersfield *bye bye home*
It did feel pretty lonely being in my room all by myself last night. The mattress also wasn't particularly comfortable but I think I'll get used to it with time eh. 
Today I pretty much sorted nearly all my stuff out. Just a few odd bits and bobs left to organise.
I also went shopping and exploring today and sadly it rained :(
A few essentials still had to be bought. I devised a budget before I moved and I don't think I've done too badly! I bought a bin (£1.99), laundry basket (£1.90), scales (£5), a ramekin (£1 - will be used as a rice measuring cup) and some make up wipes (£1) so overall I was only 89p over budget :D 
I also found a little oriental food shop and poked my head in to have a nosy. I can't believe such a little shop sells tea leaves to weigh and glass tea pots! Glass friggin tea pots! (I've always wanted one). The owner who is Malaysian asked me if I was an international student like the people who were in the shop before and I told her I was born in the UK and that I'm more like a gwai mui in a way xD She went on to express how she was amazed by international students who barely speak English. I too am amazed!


A series of snapshots of my room. I hope it stays tidy ^^' 
This evening/ tonight has pretty much be spent unpacking, listening to Gangnam Style on loop and drinking Ginseng Tea - I am SUCH a wild student haha!
I also need to buy more Sailor Moon manga when I get round to it...

* Gwai mui is a Cantonese term meaning a Caucasian girl

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What a Year!

Woah there...feels like it took forever for this day to happen but me and Wifey made it to one year :D
This has been the happiest 12 months of my life so thank you for making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world! David, you were definitely worth the 4 year wait!
 Here's to the many great times to go!

One of my favourite photos of us from around Easter ^^

Happy one year anniversary David!