Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A New Place

Yesterday I officially moved into my uni flat in Huddersfield *bye bye home*
It did feel pretty lonely being in my room all by myself last night. The mattress also wasn't particularly comfortable but I think I'll get used to it with time eh. 
Today I pretty much sorted nearly all my stuff out. Just a few odd bits and bobs left to organise.
I also went shopping and exploring today and sadly it rained :(
A few essentials still had to be bought. I devised a budget before I moved and I don't think I've done too badly! I bought a bin (£1.99), laundry basket (£1.90), scales (£5), a ramekin (£1 - will be used as a rice measuring cup) and some make up wipes (£1) so overall I was only 89p over budget :D 
I also found a little oriental food shop and poked my head in to have a nosy. I can't believe such a little shop sells tea leaves to weigh and glass tea pots! Glass friggin tea pots! (I've always wanted one). The owner who is Malaysian asked me if I was an international student like the people who were in the shop before and I told her I was born in the UK and that I'm more like a gwai mui in a way xD She went on to express how she was amazed by international students who barely speak English. I too am amazed!


A series of snapshots of my room. I hope it stays tidy ^^' 
This evening/ tonight has pretty much be spent unpacking, listening to Gangnam Style on loop and drinking Ginseng Tea - I am SUCH a wild student haha!
I also need to buy more Sailor Moon manga when I get round to it...

* Gwai mui is a Cantonese term meaning a Caucasian girl

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