Friday, 14 September 2012

Heeeey~~~~ Sexy Lady~~~

Ah, I've been listening to so much Gangnam Style, it never gets old xD

Was woken up by the maintenance man this morning (about 10:40ish) which I can't say I was thrilled about ¬¬ BUT...on the bright side, my shower plug hole works like a charm now! :D No more standing in a pool of water after showering!
He thought I had a Liverpool accent which was kind of weird... @__@
(I later asked my flatmate and his friend, they'd have thought I was from London if they didn't know)
So...while listening to Gangnam Style and a shed load of 4 Minute I FINALLY got round to making that navy skirt that I'd cut the parts out for and here it is in it's navy blue glory <3

(sorry it had to be my en suite but it was the brightest place)
It's my first time making a half elasticated skirt so some of the stitching on the waistband is a bit iffy in places ^^' 
The brooch was later added (and also hides a slip up haha)

This lace is to DIE for it's THAT pretty *o*

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