Sunday, 14 October 2012

Excuse me, I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight

I'm very happy to have been able to spend time with David on his birthday (6th Oct - he came to visit for the week) ^^ we've always wanted to be able to spend our birthdays together!
My presents for him haven't actually arrived as of yet which I'm still pissed off about but I did make him a cake (which didn't live long enough for photos) but I can tell you it was a chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream and Custard Creams ^^ as well as other little gifts.

I missed him so much when I had t go in for my classes. I felt bad for leaving him all alone in my room. Bless him, he'd been 'sooo busy!' having spent the time snuggling in my bed, watching videos on youtube and various series and making himself look pretty. Being a Wifey is SUCH hard work! 

Did a trip to Spoons on Monday where Wifey discovered how beautiful the chips from there are.We also went out on Monday night to Camel with my flatmate and friend. It was an interesting night that didn't quite go as me and my boyfriend thought (we thought we'd all roll back to the flat absolutely wasted haha). Clubbing really isn't his kind of thing and I don't think it's quite grown on me yet either, I think I had more fun messing around back at the flat with the few pre-drinks and silly photos ^^'

Aren't we all just SO attractive xD
(Actually Wifey, you don look rather attractive in the first one ^^')

Everyone was wearing glasses, I no longer feel left out!


We didn't do a lot of drinking, we had 2 Blow Jobs (the shots xD) and 2/3 vodka and cokes(?) which be bought me bless him ^^ so there was no drunk or tipsy Rachel, there was some random old guy in there o___o and me and Wifey did some smexy dancing to Give Me Everything (lol, smexy dancing...I can't dance for shit but apparently he thought I looked seductive!). That was probably the most memorable song of the night. It's our song now to mark the first time we've been out together in a club!

So yeah, this is my favourite week up in Huddersfield so far! Even the crappy days like Monday afternoon didn't feel so bad since I knew he'd be there when I got back so we could just snuggle ^^ I loved my life
On the side, he was right, I lost the tea addiction that week, I only remember having about 2 cups of tea over the week he was here.
David, I miss you. 

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