Wednesday, 3 October 2012

FINALLY a Good day!

Ohmahgawd...I have spent SO, SO MUCH of this week hating uni it's unbelievable! 'I hate my life' has actually become my little catchphrase, I should probably get it patented so no one can steal it :p
But anyway, today things finally changed and I enjoyed today! I was in 9:15am to 5:15pm but although today was a long day it has been the best day so far and to think I was dreading it!
Today was spent in the print and dye workshop. I was so happy to FINALLY be touching fabrics and so, so happy to be screen printing even though I hate washing up. I panicked a little bit as my purple pigment had started to stain the screen and was quite pissed off by the person behind me who made the snarky comment of 'oh have you never screen printed before'. I was just concerned about the strength of the pigment and about the screen but sir, you are rude!

Loved this print on this particular material. I wish I knew what it was called, I just know it kind of feels like a bandage, but thicker.

This has about three layers of prints on it but what I really love is how the fibres have stretched and how the photograph has captured that ^^

Felt like a right wifey when I went to Sainsbury today, he's coming over tomorrow *so excited* and can be hard to feed sometimes so i bought 'back up food' in case he really doesn't like what I've cooked, can't let him starve! I didn't think I bought that much stuff but it turned out nearly spent £15! I even had to put back the Willow Story mug. I remembered David's Grandma's one and really wanted it when I saw it even though I already have three mugs including the glass one and three tea cups.

Adding to the wifeyness was the cooking, I made myself quite the meal tonight.
One day I'm going to be such a cute little waifu! (But good god, not Mr Yan's!!! D:)

Stir fried chicken with red pepper and potatoes and lettuce with boiled rice. 
I remember that diet of light stir fries and steamed foods that I had after my eye operation and the wonders it did for my weight and figure so I'm going to try my best to do that again!

FINALLY (gotta stress all the finallys) got round to getting my flatmate Niamey to try on my blonde wig xD it was odd at first but then it did look quite nice on her and made us think of Niki Minaj but bless her, she felt like a tranny apparently ^^'

Scott also tried it on with scary results haha - I'm sure he'd make a pretty girl xD

I also HAD to try it on and started liking it too much and didn't really want to take it off haha

And FINALLY, thank you Frankie for being there for me when I was really hating my life last night and giving me advice and support, I really appreciate it! And from now on, let's hope I just keep loving my life!

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