Monday, 4 February 2013

That's Not My Name...

Ever get frustrated when someone can't pronounce your name right?
Yeah, we're in the same boat. I have friends on my course who nearly always hear their name pronounced incorrectly by a tutor and at those times I am glad I was given an English name.

By legal and official terms, my name is not Rachel. It was just the English name given to me since birth for convenience (thank god too!). My only 'official' name is my Chinese name - 黃麗妍 (pinyin: Wong Lai Yin). Funnily enough, no one uses it. Even my Grandad calls me Rachel (with an Engrish accent).
Since no one uses my Chinese name (my REAL name) does it not make it seem pointless? Since Rachel in't actually my name part of me is tempted to omit it and use my Chinese name.
However...that is where the trauma would begin. I've had various people try to say my name with great failure. When pronounced properly it sounds soft and flowing but when people try to say it and the tone is all wrong, to me it sounds brash and vulgar and it really puts me off using it ><
So when remembering talks about Deed Poll, I thought that I would LOVE to change my name to something that CAN be pronounced (at least better anyway) because then I could use my 'real' name and wouldn't get so frustrated (especially when people are convinced that they can say it right if I keep repeating it to them @___@).
Just imagine that moment the vicar pronounces your name wrong when you get married! *cringe and dies* that would totally suck right? 
Well much to my explanation my mother said no so me and my sister came up with the only possible solution: make sure I have a Cantonese speaking vicar when I get married. Fabulous. 

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